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女性監督週間2 愛の嵐(1973年)The Night Porter (1973)


監督 リリアーナ・カバーニ/Director: Liliana Cavani
出演 シャーロット・ランプリング、ダーク・ボガード/Starring: Charlotte Rampling‚ Dirk Bogarde



Eroticism of death

A strong pulling power that sucks in everything‚ never to release it again‚ or‚ being unable to slip out; a rich experience like that of a black hole. Lucia (Charlotte Rampling) and Max (Dirk Bogarde) are that. A decade or so after the end of World War II in Vienna. Max‚ who is working as a hotel night porter (this film’s name)‚ reunites with Lucia who is staying there‚ now the wife of an eminent composer.

Former Nazi SS officer Max toys with Lucia‚ who was a girl in a concentration camp. Lucia‚ immersed in deterioration and madness and faced death‚ is awakened to her senses. Lucia‚ who wore a uniform and sung‚ surrendering her body to eroticism‚ wants to remember the expression of her ecstasy. After the war‚ the ex-SS who have hidden their identity from the unmasking of the ex-Nazis‚ know of Lucia’s existence and want to eliminate her. Her husband leaves to New York for his next performance but Lucia says that she wants to see more of the city and so remains behind. Cobblestone streets‚ antique stores; the smells of the past lay all around. But Lucia would have thought: “That’s not the past. Even now it’s my existence.”

She comes to Max’s lodging‚ and lays herself beside him as he sleeps. The very natural gestures of Lucia show her connected to Max with a string that is hard to cut‚ and it pierces the heart. Lucia has no intention of returning to her husband. Here she has abandoned everything. Seeing her lying there quietly‚ at the same time she gives up‚ she has returned to where she had to‚ she had come to where she needed to; she makes us feel this peace.

Rampling was 27 years old. From the translucency like that of an insect’s wing of her girlhood‚ she performs as a mature woman who chooses death with a man- nothing was too difficult for her. Bogarde lives with his ruin; giving rise to the suffocation of a man lacking oxygen. The two of them‚ with an officer‚ uniform and the girl’s clothes (tunic)‚ are shot at the break of dawn.

Liliana Cavani was 40 years old at this time. The scene where topless Lucia hangs her suspenders on her breasts‚ and dances barefoot wearing baggy trousers‚ I have a feeling that she conceived this because she is a woman. There is something demonic in that scene. Her energy doesn’t lack in the slightest. In 2002 at age 69‚ she directed Ripley’s Game‚ based on Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley. Ripley was played by the wondrous actor John Malkovich. She displayed something of vigor.