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女性監督週間4 ピアノ・レッスン(1993年)The Piano (1993)

監督 ジェーン・カンピオン/Director: Jane Campion
出演 ホリー・ハンター、ハーヴェイ・カイテル、サム・ニール/Starring: Holly Hunter‚ Harvey Keitel‚ Sam Neill

荒涼の浜辺 置き去りのピアノ


The desolate coast  An abandoned piano

New Zealand’s dark skies‚ rough seas‚ and tall waves surge against a desolate coastline where a piano has been abandoned. From this picturesque visual the whole story begins to reveal itself. Sold into marriage and accompanied from Scotland by her young daughter is Ada McGrath (Holly Hunter)‚ who visits the beach to play the piano. She is mute. The piano was sent from her country‚ but her husband-to-be Alistair Stewart (Sam Neill)‚ says it is too heavy‚ and so leaves it on the beach.

Desperate to play the piano‚ Ada requests a local Maori man‚ George Baines (Harvey Keitel)‚ to deliver it. Baines‚ who reluctantly accepts‚ watches Aida play the piano between the crashes of waves‚ and her daughter who dances happily to the performance. Baines approaches Stewart about trading the piano for some of his land. Ada‚ who comes to Baines’ house (hut)‚ is surprised to hear the piano perfectly tuned. Baines had it professionally tuned. He looks rough but he is someone who feels that before women there is the beauty of a woman’s music.

It is only a matter of time until their feelings come together. Mad with anger at their deep relationship‚ Ada’s husband chops off the index finger of her right hand with an axe‚ and orders them to leave. By not understanding or having an interest in music‚ he is also a man to know about love. In Japanese‚ we say that they simply didn’t have a connection. What is this movie? It’s this or that; rather than giving our thoughts or criticism with wrung out words‚ I have a natural kind of feeling that the image shown by the director is the most appropriate.

Jane Campion was born in 1954 in New Zealand’s capital‚ Wellington. She graduated from Victoria University of Wellington. She assisted at an advertising agency and learnt art from the age of 25. The setting she filmed was what she knew best- her home country. This film was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar Award‚ and won Best Screenplay (Campion) and Best Supporting Actress (Anna Paquin‚ who was 11 years old and performed the role of Ada’s daughter). The requirement to perform as the lead actress was being able to play the piano. The piano solo in the film was Holly Hunter’s own performance.