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ランボー怒りの脱出(1985年) Director: Sylvester Stallone


監督 シルベスタ・スタローン/Director: Silvester Stallone
出演 シルベスタ・スタローン/Starring: Sylvester Stallone


▼ここぞというときに胸のすく逆転劇を書かせて、シルの右にでるホンはあったか? とにかく「ロッキー」で、実人生の大逆転に成功した人である、雇われ脚本家が書く他人事のお芝居のレベルではない。気合が違うのである。キャメロンも「ターミネーター2」「エイリアン2」など、続編が前作を上回るテク、らくらくと観客を味方につける映画術など、シルマジックに得るものは大きかったにちがいない

The success of full commitment

Every year on the night before the Academy Awards ceremony‚ the Raspberry Awards (Razzies) are awarded to the worst films of the year. The award itself is a type of humour (although the films that are chosen are really terrible)‚ rather than the literal meaning of “the worst”‚ and strongly unique films and actors are often chosen.

This film won “Worst Film” ‚ “Worst Director”(Stallone = Syl)‚ “Worst Actor” (of course‚ Syl) and “Worst Script”(Syl and co-writer‚ the young James Cameron). Syl was 39 years old and Cameron was 31. So what was so bad about this film for it to take the four main Razzies? The first film Rambo is about a Vietnam war veteran who without reason is removed from his town‚ and fought an independent war. Dragging the trauma of war and wielding a survival knife‚ he tears through the mountains and sets traps‚ and toys with the pursuing army.

Shown through flashbacks are the flames of the Vietnam war and the brutal torture. Rambo’s skillful fighting techniques and martial arts overpowers as a film with hardly any dialogue. In the last scene where Rambo surrenders‚ at this time Stallone already had a strong desire for Rambo to continue (in the original he dies). That is what this film did. According to Syl and Cameron’s co-written script‚ this film (or Rambo) thoroughly became a one-man show.

Realising that he had something‚ he had his come-from-behind show written. Was there a book superior to him? Anyway‚ in Rocky he is the man who‚ against all odds‚ succeeded; it isn’t the level of a play that an employed screenwriter writes about someone else. The spirit is different. Cameron‚ too‚ with Terminator 2 and Aliens‚ uses techniques that outdo the previous installments‚ and cinematography that pleases fans. Certainly the things that Syl Magic achieves is great.

The movie was criticised because although Rambo was a heavy antiwar movie‚ this time around it was terribly aggressive. In any case‚ there are several reasons for why this film took four of the “worst” Razzies. With this brilliant achievement (?) Syl became a regular Razzie recipient and even went as far to shine in the 10 year anniversary award‚ Worst Actor of the Past Decade. Using it like a medal‚ Rocky and Rambo became his major axis; in his forte of action films through to The Expendables‚ he never withered. There was no hesitation. There was even an innocence about it. Stallone knows Stallone‚ and Stallone makes good use of Stallone. He is successful in occupying one plot and committing himself.