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13ウォリアーズ(1999年) The 13th Warrior (1999)


監督 ジョン・マクティアナン/Director: John McTiernan
出演 アントニオ・バンデラス、オマー・シャリフ/Starring: Antonio Banderas‚ Omar Sharif



The Spanish Grace

Banderas is doing pretty well recently (in saying so he co-starred in The Code with Morgan Freeman). The 13th Warrior‚ in the history of the Hollywood box office‚ is probably in the worst 50. Even still‚ it can be thought of as a high placing as a deficit film. It’s a shame because I like the film. In a complex and high-tempo generation‚ this kind of retrospective‚ lyrical‚ so called Western historical drama won’t catch on.

Here’s the plot: 1000 years ago‚ in the desolate lands of Northern Europe surrounded by forests and lakes‚ thirteen warriors (including Banderas) enshrine an unknown monster‚ and together with the strength of the villagers‚ they protect the village from attack by pillagers. That’s right‚ this is a remake of Seven Samurai. The director is John McTiernan‚ of Bruce Willis’breakthrough film Die Hard‚ Sean Connery’s The Hunt for Red October‚ John Travolta’s Basic; a director who has produced famous action and suspense films. At the time of The 13th Warrior‚ Banderas has already turned 39 years old‚ but the “Spanish Grace” is still alive and well. He hasn’t lost it.

He is the fair-haired boy of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. He is the director who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film All About My Mother‚ and Best Original Screenplay for Talk to Her. Banderas went from being a top star in Spain‚ entered Hollywood at 32 years old‚ and caught attention for being a sexy Latino actor; his melancholy flamenco guitar playing in Desperado‚ Once Upon a Time in Mexico‚ he co-starred with Sylvester Stallone in Assassins‚ and continued with the lead in the western version of The Mask of Zorro (although I have the feeling that his momentum was decreasing at this time).

As far as I know‚ he married Melanie Griffith‚ the daughter of Tippi Hedren‚ who was the lead in Hitchcock’s famous The Birds. She was nominated for Best Actress in the film‚ Working Girl. He doesn’t receive much screen time‚ but the role of Banderas’ elderly protector is performed by Omar Sharif. The minor role doesn’t butt in‚ but since his role as Sherif Ali in Lawrence of Arabia‚ he is still as slender‚ hardly having changed. He face is firm and not drooping‚ and his lizard-like blue eyes are still as beautiful as always; he has become a lovely 67 year old.