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チャーリーズ・エンジェル(2000年) Charlie’s Angels (2000)

監督 マックG/Director: McG
出演 キャメロン・ディアス、ドリュー・バリモア、ルーシー・ルー/Starring: Cameron Diaz‚ Drew Barrymore‚ Lucy Liu


▼歯をくいしばってエイリアンと戦うなど「そんなしんどいこと、冗談ではございません」と思う女性もいれば「ターミネーターをやっつける? ぶつかったら痛そー」とか、「羊たち」なら「クラリス、あなた頑張ってね。わたしレクター博士はタイプじゃないわ」アレックスとなると「こういう生きる道もあるが、今イチ普遍性がないな」

It makes you feel great

At the time of release‚ director McG was 32 years old‚ Cameron was 28‚ Drew was 25 and Lucy was 32. Of the works that influenced director McG‚ Sailor Moon is among them‚ and he knows a lot about Japanese sub-culture. Later‚ he came to direct Terminator Salvation. Originally‚ Charlie’s Angels was a popular TV series. Casting the movie was difficult but he decided on the three fresh actresses above.

Charlie Townsend Private Detective Agency employs three women detectives. Their teamwork is great and they are outstanding in martial arts. Just having brains and beauty would be ordinary‚ so perhaps this “extra” feature is there to please the female fans. The women of the world were bursting to be strong‚ but there was no opening. Wait‚ yes there was; certainly there was Ripley in Alien‚ Sarah in Terminator‚ Clarice in The Silence of the Lambs‚ Alex in Fatal Attraction. They were all strong women. Yet women don’t yearn for strong women only.

Gnashing one’s teeth and fighting aliens; if there are women who think‚”Who’d want to do something so hard?”‚ then “Destroy a Terminator? It would hurt”‚ and in The Silence of the Lambs; “Clarice‚ Doctor Lecter is not my type. You go have fun”and when it comes to Alex‚ “This is a way to live‚ but is isn’t universal”.

Anyway‚ when all is said and done we don’t want to do things that are”hard”‚ challenging and moving ahead; embarrassed and just by hearing it‚ we feel down- we love movies that don’t make us stiff‚ we love action that makes us feel good to watch. This dormant real feeling and preference is in both men and women‚ yet on the one hand‚ in the image of their “coolness”‚ without the inclusion of catharsis gained by doing away with the enemy‚ who’s going to say so? I think the focus of this film was on this.

The film became an instant success and the sequel was made with the same director and the same three actresses. In the sequel‚ Demi Moore appears‚ and doesn’t end with 100% action. The dark parts of the Angels performed in the sequel differ to the original. In saying so‚ do you think these three will do the third installment of the series? There doesn’t seem to be anything in the works. It might be wire-action‚ but perhaps a hardened female Stallone will appear.