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追 想(1975年) The Old Gun (Le Vieux Fusil) (1975)

監督 ロベール・アンリコ/Director: Robert Enrico
出演 フィリップ・ノワレ、ロミー・シュナイダー/Starring: Philippe Noiret‚ Romy Schneider



The denunciation of dear days

What is the ability to narrate? Conveying an event of worth as a story. Epic films are said to have demised since Doctor Zhivago‚ but Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in America)‚ Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather) and Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York) are excellent epic narrators. There is one more: in France is Robert Enrico.

He shot his choice film Les Aventuriers when he was 36 years old. This film is eight years after that. In the closing years of World War II‚ in a country estate like an old castle‚ the evacuated dear wife (Romy Schneider) and daughter of a doctor (Philippe Noiret) are raped and burned to death by flame thrower at the hands of Nazi soldiers. By himself‚ he sets about a fierce revenge. Hidden doorways‚ shortcuts‚ basements‚ old wells; the place were he grew up- the historic old castle becomes the battleground of a guerilla war.

His weapons are those he left in a closet- a hunting rifle and a shotgun. The French Resistance happen to show up‚ and upon asking if anything is amiss‚ the doctor replies “No”. He will do it alone. With his hands he will kill them; he cannot think of anything else. Noiret’s fiery performance of a vengeful devil is good. Through flashbacks‚ the viewpoint of the audience switches to the process of the past. The portrait of a loving family quietly appears. The editing is tight.

This is the 11th directorial work in Enrico’s 70 year life. Perhaps a low production. However‚ the film Les Aventuriers revived the stagnant Alain Delon‚ and in this film‚ even if the French star actor Noiret is exceptional‚ Romy Schneider’s beauty was contrasted. She was born into the famous Schneider family‚ of which her grandmother and parents were performers. Blessed with good directors and films‚ each of her films received critical acclaim. However‚ a second divorce and the accidental death of her 14 year old son amongst other incidents; her personal life went through dark days and became heavy. She died in what cannot be ruled out as either suicide or accidental death. She was 43 years old.

Although she had a short life‚ the films in which she performed remains in our hearts. Cesar and Rosalie (Director: Claude Sautet)‚ A Simple Story (same director‚ Won Best Foreign Language Film Oscar)‚ Ludwig (Luchino Visconti). The Old Gun was also one of them. In this movie where you can’t hear the sound of explosions‚ clouded with the sorrow of war‚ the living dear days of the protagonists denounce the cruelty of life.