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地獄の貴婦人(1974年) Le Trio Infernal (1974)

監督 フランシス・ジロー/Director: Francis Girod
出演 ロミー・シャナイダー、ミシェル・ピッコリ/Starring: Romy Schneider‚ Michel Piccoli



A woman becoming more beautiful by evil

Since when did Romy Schneider become such a‚ how should I put it‚ amazing‚ weirdly beautiful‚ dirty actress? Put simply‚ the protagonist of this film‚ Philomene (Romy Schneider) is a ball of evil and shamelessness. Together with her corrupt lawyer lover Sarret (Michel Piccoli)‚ they perform insurance fraud‚ and her younger sister Catherine is Sarret’s prostitute so the trio becomes a coloured and lustful love triangle (refer to the film title).

At the time director Francis Girod had only just turned thirty. It was unthinkable that a new director could directly offer Romy Schneider a role. Girod sounded her out through Piccoli. Reading the script of murder and body disposal scenes that make you want to look away‚ Romy showed an effort to calm her nerves. However‚ since Cesar and Rosalie‚ her roles were defined‚ and she found herself in a dilemma as an actress. She accepted. The evil incarnation of corruption; in the “occupation” of murder and deceit‚ an overly serious and beautiful actress- Romy accepted the role to challenge herself.

I know it is out of the blue‚ but I’d like you to remember Fermiere’s masterpiece “Girl with a Pearl Earring” for a moment. In the scene where the substitute of the insurance fraud and his mistress are murdered‚ and their bodies dragged up to the bath on the second floor to be disposed of with sulfuric acid. Looking down coldly on the shot body of the mistress collapsed in the kitchen‚ Romy quickly removes her dress‚ and silently puts a blue apron over her slip. Then‚ with her younger sister‚ they become covered in blood as they drag the body up the stairs. Romy is still wearing her head wear. What can be said to be an expression of Romy’s purity in this scene‚ she looks similar to the girl in “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

In this film Romy Schneider managed to pull of “the beauty of a woman that stands out in an evil situation”. Evil also suits Jeanne Moreau but beauty like a sharp blade is probably something that only Romy has. She was 36 years old. A quarter of a century after her debut at 15 years old in Sissi‚ Romy broke new ground and was overflowing with the confidence‚ composure and strength that any other actress performed. No matter what state of life is displayed onto the screen; making us feel deep sentiment and melancholy‚ I think that the thickness and bottomlessness as an actress increased after Le Trio Infernal. However‚ at the time of surpassing her prime in her acting career‚ the time that she had remaining was all but seven years.