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華麗なる相続人(1979年) Bloodline (1979)


監督 テレンス・ヤング/Director: Terence Young
出演 本文に含む/Starring: (included in text)



The backbone of Audrey Hepburn

It could be said that other than the content being popular there is nothing else about this film‚ but how about the magnificent cast? When they were approached by Terence Young it was like “I guess so”. Audrey Hepburn and Young have a deep connection. 30 year old young who was injured in Holland in the Second World War received the care of then 15 year old Hepburn‚ who was working as a volunteer nurse at the hospital in Arnhem. Entering the film business‚ he directed and she featured in Wait Until Dark. Audrey was nominated for the Best Female Lead. Young was 53‚ Audrey was 38.

In Young’s directed work Mayerling‚ Omar Sharif who played a spendidly handsome prince undertook the complete opposite role in this film. When it comes to Romy Schneider‚ during the shooting of Triple Cross‚ Young had consideration of Romy Schneider who was pregnant‚ and adjusted her figure with lighting and camera angles. Romy didn’t forget his compassion of this time. Maurice Ronet‚ who thought he wouldn’t get any other line than“I’m the French branch director”‚ couldn’t refuse when his good friend Romy said “Let’s do this for him (Young)”.

Romy and Audrey’s first encounter (if it can be called that) was when Romy was 15 years old. Audrey was in the same flight. In the film A Roman Holiday‚ debuting into fame as a princess on the silver screen‚ Romy’s heart skipped a beat. 26 years after that‚ co-starring together‚ Romy had turned 41 and Audrey‚ 50. That’s why I think the cast had a great time making this film.

Audrey’s role‚ as one might expect‚ is that of a millionaire’s only daughter. After her father’s accidental death‚ she is forced to take over (a clever setting in that she didn’t achieve her status greedily). All of the cousins of the family management shrewdly fight for the chair of the company. Everyone has more than enough reasons to kill Audrey. Romy put on weight‚ and enjoyed the role of the aunt who will stop at nothing to drive out Audrey.

As far as I can remember‚ Audrey’s popularity was the best. In the movie magazine Screen‚ she was always on top. Why is that? Trim‚ graceful‚ humourous‚ intelligent‚ elegant and beautiful eyes. Although there are various factors‚ I think that she was one of the few actresses who had the best technique to give ordinary people; she could radiate life’s feelings of bliss onto the screen. Even if in reality she wasn’t like that herself‚ the strong mind‚ personality and feelings to make people feel that was the backbone of Audrey’s films.