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ボッカチオ‘70(1962年) Boccacio 70 (1962)


監督 マリオ・モニチェッリ(第一話)、フェデリコ・フェリーニ(第二話)、ルキノ・ヴィスコンティ(第三話)、ヴィットリオ・デ・シーカ(第四話)/Directors: - Mario Monicelli (Part 1) - Federico Fellini (Part 2) - Luchino Visconti (Part 3) - Vittorio De Sica (Part 4)
出演 マリーザ・ソリナス、アニタ・エグバーグ、ロミー・シュナイダー、ソフィア・ローレン/Starring: Marisa Solinas‚ Anita Ekberg‚ Romy Schneider‚ Sophia Loren


Perhaps an omnibus can be said to be a collection of smaller works. That’s why any director should have easily made their part‚ but with this team of directors and actresses‚ did they put too much into production?

I think that Mario Monicelli is mostly unknown in Japan but he is the trailblazer of the Italian comedy film world‚ and has worked as the judging commissioner at the Venice International Film Festival. He appeared as an actor in Under the Tuscan Sun. While undergoing cancer treatment he leapt to his death from a hospital. He was 94 years old. Despite being involved with movies until the end‚ he must have been sad that he could no longer shoot movies.

Frederico Fellini had Anita Ekberg; Visconti had Romy Schneider; and De Sica had Sophia Loren perform in the lead role. The masters and meistros Italy was proud of ungrudgingly inserted their trump card actresses into their films. It was as if there was an enthusiasm of “If he’s doing that‚ I’m doing this. You think I’ll be beaten?” What’s more‚ the producer was Carlo Ponti.

As everyone knows he is the husband of Sophia Loren. Although Loren is an international actress‚ his work is really amazing. Taking a quick look at his films‚ there are: La Strada‚ Two Women‚ Doctor Zhivago‚ Il Ferroviere and Zabriskie Point. Tears‚ laughter‚ poverty‚ history‚ war; it can be said that he roughly produced an image out of the whole mental world of people. Not only Italy‚ but he also conquered Hollywood‚ too.

Romy Schneider called Visconti “my teacher”. Visconti consecutively cast Romy as the lead in stage plays. German Romy couldn’t speak French. Upon quitting‚ he asked her “You’ve got no guts?” His severity was like “Quit. Go home. I’ll soon find your replacement”. She almost fainted. However the French that she acquired at this time became her asset. After the 70s‚ as an actress representing Europe‚ she was selected to star in The Old Gun‚ The Train‚ Le Trio Infernal‚ Ludwig and other films‚ winning the Cezar Award twice.

De Sica and Loren‚ and Marcello Mastroianni’s Slow Dream and Marriage Italian. I’m going to say it but Mastroianni didn’t stand out at all in Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Night. Between a gloomy director and Jeanne Moreau‚ he lost his nerves. That’s why he was like a different person in Slow Dream. Maybe the director lit the fuse of his comedic sense.