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暗殺者のメロディ(1972年) The Assassination of Trotsky (1972)


監督 ジョセフ・ロージー/Director: Joseph Losey
出演 アラン・ドロン、ロミー・シュナイダー、リチャード・バートン/Starring: Alain Delon‚ Romy Schneider‚ RIchard Burton



The man who killed Trotsky

Around the base of this film something very cold is flowing. In the ongoing bull-fighting scene‚ the raging bull is struck by a spear and its blood pours out. Its back and sides are speared‚ and turning to face the bullfighter but out of energy‚ the bull is stabbed numerous times by his sword. The dead bull is dragged outside the stadium and cut up. Something we cannot stand to see is relentlessly shown. Things that cling to Trotsky’s assassination are just like‚ as in this bull being cut up‚ a helplessly cold sensation.

August 1940. Trotsky (Richard Burton)‚ the only man of the Central Commission to follow Lenin‚ the leader of the Russian October Revolution‚ loses a political power struggle and following expulsion from the Soviet Communist Party‚ is exiled to Mexico. Continuing to criticise the bureacratic system‚ Stalin sends assassin Frank Johnson (Alain Delon) to him.

Johnson makes Trotsky’s secretary Gita (Romy Schneider) to pretend that he is her husband‚ then under the pretense that he wants to see her essays‚ he bypasses the tight security and draws nearer to Trotsky. Frank stabs Trotsky in the back of the head with an ice axe‚ but is unable to kill him with the first blow and Trotsky screams out loudly. Frank is caught there‚ and Trotsky‚ who is taken to hospital‚ dies there the next day.

Gita was a devotee of Trotsky. Frank‚ who knew that‚ approaches her under the falsehood of being a Belgian trader - but would Trotsky so easily live with a man who he thought was shady? Anyway‚ let’s just say he liked him. At the time Trotsky would have broken up with painter Frida Carlo‚ but even then would he have been this full of confidence? Let’s just agree to this‚ too. The film had progressed until about this point‚ lacking something‚ but then the ice axe cracks open his head. Robert Burton lets out a blood-curdling scream and is like a different person; when he made this horrifying look I woke again‚ thinking that this was indeed his acting skill.

The police interrogate him‚ asking “Who are you?” and the film ends when he answers‚ “The man who killed Trotsky.”His real name is Ramon Mercader. He was imprisoned for twenty years in Mexico‚ and awarded a medal when he returned to the Soviet Union. Socialist director Joseph Losey’s cold sensation was suffocating. It would have been okay without Alain Delon or Romy Schneider. However‚ Burton really pulled off Trotsky. From the beginning to the end however‚ his lines were all jagged as if recited from poetry.