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ムーラン・ルージュ(2001年) Moulin Rouge (2001)


監督 バズ・ラーマン/Director: Baz Luhrmann
出演 ニコール・キッドマン、ユアン・マクレガー/Starring: Nicole Kidman‚ Ewan McGregor


▼でも言っちゃなんだけど、絵空事のお話のなかで唯一、お金だとか劇場の権利書だとか、身請けとか、身請けしたあとの仕事とか、現実感のある台詞をいうのは公爵だけで、彼が最後は恋に破れ、やけくそのあまり、笑いものになってしまうのが、けっこう(かわいそ)という感じだった。サティーンも結核で死んじゃう。「しっかり生きてね」と最期の言葉をクリスチャンに残す。そう「人がこの世で最高の幸せなこと、それは誰かを愛し、その人から愛されること」という劇中の歌が本作のすべてなのだ。キャッチコピーは「ふたりの愛 ひとつの運命」ふうん「ひとつの愛 ふたり運命」だろが?

Happiness is to love and be loved in return

The Moulin Rouge (Red Windmill) is a cabaret lounge that was opened in the Montmarte disrict of Paris in 1899. On the front is a rotating red windmill. Song‚ dance and the French cancan is performed there while also serving as a brothel. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a regular patron‚ drawing posters of the dancing girls as models. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor performed intensely without having their voices dubbed. Whether it is because of that or not‚ Kidman won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and McGregor received a nomination.

Satine (Nicole Kidman) is named the“sparkling diamond” of the Moulin Rouge‚ and is one of the most famous high-class prostitutes in Paris. She becomes caught between the love of the Duke of Monroth and the struggling writer Christian who both want her.

The Duke invites her to dinner. Satine‚ who loves Christian‚ has no feelings of accepting the Duke. Numerous invites are throughly repeated (the so-called come-and-go style of Japanese rakugo). Then just when the audience is becoming irritated (who cares who invites who!?)‚ the Duke who has lost his temper at her unwillingness to do what he says‚ in the end gives her the ultimatum that he will “kill Christian” .

The Duke only wants Satine for himself‚ contributing funds for the theatre’s improvements and renovations. The friends of Montemarte who surround Satine (including Lautrec)‚ try by all possible means to help Satine slip through the Duke’s fingers and fulfill the love between her and Christian.

I’m going to say it but the Duke is the only one in this pipe dream story who speaks realistic lines of money‚ the title deeds of the theatre‚ the redeeming money of the performers and their future work and so on. In the end his love is broken‚ and he becomes the laughing stock of everyone. It is pretty sad. Satine also dies from tuberculosis. The final words she leaves Christian with is “live your life”. The song in the film‚ Come What May is the core of the film. The catchcopy title “Their love. One destiny” should be “One love. Two destinies”. (translators note: the English version had the words: “Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love.”)