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特集 ヌーヴェル・ヴァーグの女王 ジャンヌ・モロー 小間使いの日記(1963年) Diary of a Chambermaid (1963)

監督 ルイス・ブニュエル/Director: Luis Banuel
出演 ジャンヌ・モロー、ミシェル・ピコリ、ジョルジュ・ジェレ/Starring: Jeanne Moreau‚ Michel Piccoli‚ Georges Geret



An ever-lustrous and scandalous masterpiece

What can I say about the firm sensation that spreads through every corner of this film? For people in contemporary society who have become used to the era of virtual reality where images are multiplied infinitely‚ through every image of the film‚ buildings like a solid museum made from old trees‚ well-fired bricks‚ and cut stone- Diary of a Chambermaid gives us a responsive and sufficient feeling like this.

The film is set in a country chateau. All of the characters that appear are odd. Director Luis Banuel has them expose their perversions to the merciless eyes of the central character (who has come from Paris to work as a chambermaid) Celestine (Jeanne Moreau).

A high-handed and stingy wife‚ her father who has a shoe fetish‚ a sexually frigid wife and her frustrated husband (Michel Piccoli)‚ and the sly and lecherous groundskeeper Joseph (Georges Geret). Celestine wears boots every night and reads to the old man with the shoe-fetish. The sex maniac husband stealthfully courts her but she doesn’t accept‚ so like a crazed man‚ he drags the maid into the barn.

In these kinds of surroundings‚ Celestine is a woman who doesn’t kick and struggle at all. She has come to know that in a part of people’s hearts are the twisted desires and love of people. As expected though‚ she is disgusted when a girl she was fond of is raped and brutally murdered‚ so she decides to leave for Paris. Along the way she overhears a conversation between police officers who say that they know the culprit is Joseph‚ and so she turns back.

Celestine seduces Joseph and attempts to get him to confess but cunning Joseph doesn’t give her anything. She fabricates evidence and hands him over to the police. The ex-Army-officer neighbour who has been committed to Celestine since she first arrived‚ rewrites his will and proposes to her. Joesph is put on trial but released because of lack of evidence. He leaves the countryside to go to the port city Cherbourg‚ and becomes the owner of a restaurant. Celestine marries the soldier. The sound of military boots and the foreboding of the emergence of Fascism and devastation fills the screen.

Jeanne Moreau is at her best playing a revealing and aggressive woman who looks beautiful when she laughs scornfully. Director Luis says of meeting Moreau: “When I first saw her walking my heart skipped a beat.”Moreau was 35 years old. She called 63 year old Luis “Don Luis”(Spanish uncle) and held his arm. Luis’ film Un Chien Andalou (An Andalusian Dog) was highly praised by Alfred Hitchcock and is the textbook of avant-garde. The director and star actress are in their prime in Diary of a Chambermaid. That is what makes this a scandalous masterpiece that doesn’t lose its shine.