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特集 ヌーヴェル・ヴァーグの女王 ジャンヌ・モロー 愛のめぐりあい(1995年) Beyond the Clouds (1995)

監督 ミケランジェロ・アントニオーニ、(共同監督)ヴィム・ヴェンダース/Director: Michaelangelo Antonioni and Wim Wenders
出演 ジョン・マルコヴィッチ、ソフィー・マルソー、ジャン・レノ、マルチェロ・マストロヤンニ、ジャンヌ・モロー/Starring: John Malkovich‚ Sophie Marceau‚ Jean Reno‚ Marcello Mastroianni‚ Jeanne Moreau



Antonioni’s confession

The co-direction of this film was because Wenders cooperated and completed the film for Antonioni who collapsed from a stroke. The film is an omnibus split into four stories. I don’t think there is any point for me to write the plot of each one.

According to the commentary‚ the first story about a man who eternally loves a woman without making love to her is “overly pure love”. There is the “overly intense love” of a woman who stabbed her father twelve times to death‚ the “overly empty love”of a middle-aged man and woman who are married and happen to meet by chance. Finally there is the “overly clean and tidy love” of a young man who professes his love to a young woman and is answered “Tomorrow I am going to enter a convent”. That’s how I’ll explain it. The problem here is “overly”. The “going too far” of the world of love is sufficiently critical of the far abnormality. The more you surpass the criticality of the everyday‚ the closer you are to abnormality and nihilism; as such we enter into Antonioni’s world.

I wonder how many years it has been since Mastroianni and Jeanne Moreau co-starred together in the Antonioni directed The Night? Antonioni was 49 years old. Mastroianni was 37 and Moreau was 33. They each became 83‚ 71 and 67 years old. Mastroianni appears as a composed elderly husband alongside his wife Moreau‚ who at a glance has aged with a cuteness about her. However‚ once she is given a line of dialogue she is brisk‚ and showing those large teasing eyes it is astonishing that her see-through expression is revived.

Until death he must have been quite satisfied making puzzling and difficult films; but to complain about Antonio would be rash. Just before Malkovich disappears into the darkness on screen‚ the sudden monologue of the director begins. In a somewhat solo performance‚ he even says that the previous scenes were mediocre‚ to which the confused audience lend an ear. Here it is:

“A film director is quite a unique occupation. We persistently integrate new and unknown emotions and search for unknown visuals. There is nowhere for me to live in my films; exposed to the look of doubt and irony‚ there is no way that one’s adventure can be understood. Behind the images that are shown lurk images that are far closer to the truth‚ and behind even that is yet more images that are even closer‚ and again even deeper is a definite truth- however‚ no one can see that. Adventure doesn’t remain on the screen nor in the scenarios. The movie remains as a foreboding‚ strange sense and an incombustible experience. To the creator‚ the really important adventure is to look closely from one film to the next and cast questions. The answers always slip away; they are wandering.”

He didn’t open up his personal feelings‚ instead Antonioni’s way was to use images. He confessed these things at 83 years old; perhaps he might not be an artist. He resonates openly just like a young man confused in life. At end of his 60 years in film it was his first and last confession; one that I think is best to be taken as it is.