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ターミネーター(1984年)【アクション・近未来映画】 The Terminator (1984)

監督 ジェームズ・キャメロン/Director: James Cameron
出演 アーノルド・シュワルツネガー、リンダ・ハミルトン/Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger‚ Linda Hamilton


▼メカニックそのものの殺人アンドロイドに対抗する、アナログな人間の感情を爆発させる。ターミネーターは「4」までシリーズ化され「3」「4」になると精彩を欠いた。内容そのものが無表情になり、サラみたいな捨て身の女が演じられなかったからだと思っている。いよいよ「5」が準備されるらしい。今まではもっぱら風聞だったが、俳優復帰宣言したシュワちゃんの「アイル ビイ バック」(もどってくるぜ)は、やっぱり世紀のターミネーターでなければならないと、だれよりも本人がわかっているはずだ。だいぶきついトレーニングになりそうだけど。

Can we wait for the fifth installment?

If there was to be a work of destiny‚ then for James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger‚ The Terminator would be it. Cameron was 30 years old. Schwarzenegger was 37. It is now 27 years ago. The man who shortened the name to Schwarz-chan because the Germanic name was too long‚ was Yodogawa Nagaharu. (translators note: in English-speaking countries‚ Arnold Schwarzenegger is known as “Arnie”).

Production costs of Terminator were ¥1.4 billion‚ and after release the film became a ¥6.2 billion hit around the world. The film is a clash between the cyborg villain and a resistance fighter. Schwarzenegger becomes a powerful assassin‚ and his target is Sarah (Linda Hamilton)‚ mother of John Conner‚ the leader of the human resistance. At the time‚ Linda and Cameron were still married. In other words‚ because nobody would invest in the film‚ Cameron saved money by shooting the film with a body builder‚ and had his wife perform.

That’s why the scenes with Arnie have so little dialogue. Single words or nothing at all. To compensate for this was the beauty of muscle‚ like the Greek myth with Apollo running away barefoot. Was this the powerlessness of words? He was never nude but he didn’t wear a muscle suit; he showed us his muscular frame and raced across the screen on a motorbike (Arnie loves bikes).

The Terminator‚ having returned to its original metallic form‚ emerges from the flames and mercilessly closes in on Sarah. But Linda Hamilton won’t lose. Bearing a serious leg injury and breathing hard‚ she destroys the Terminator by crushing it under the final hammer of a compressor in a powerful performance. The extinction of mankind. The final war. A mountain of human bones. Within the script that Cameron’s imagination gave wings‚ only Sarah has a trace of human color.

The emotions of analogue humans detonate when resisting the mechanical cyborg killer. The Terminator has been made into four parts‚ with three and four being most vivid. The content becomes expressionless- I think because there wasn’t a life-risking woman like Sarah. The fifth installment is currently in production. Until now it has been entirely hearsay but Arnie‚ who proclaimed his return with “I’ll be back” knows above everyone else that he is the only Terminator of the century. It seems the muscle training will be rather tough though.