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ザ・ビーチ(2000年)【ミステリー映画】 The Beach (2000)

監督 ダニー・ボイル/Director: Danny Boyle
出演 レオナルド・ディカプリオ/Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio


▼「ザ・ビーチ」のどこが「狂気と謎をはらんでるねん」と聞かれれば、泳いでいける近場に幻の楽園があったり、噂話とタレコミの好きなおばさんが島の女王だったり、さっさと帰ればいいものを、わざとのようにトラブルに巻き込まれるとは、このさき強烈なカタストロフィが待っているにちがいない、と信じてしまう妙な引力があったのよ。ばかだった。ボイル監督は2012年ロンドン五輪開幕式の芸術監督です。それがどうした? どうもしません、すみません。

A fantasy island you can swim to

Although there are many great DiCaprio films‚ why this one? Because it didn’t do well at all‚ or because it was severely criticised. Leo‚ who took the world by storm with Titanic‚ refused offers for 100 films and chose this one; what’s more‚ it is directed by Danny Boyle. This director shot Trainspotting (1996)‚ which was the highest-grossing film of all time in Britain‚ and Slumdog Millionaire (2008)‚ which won eight oscars‚ including Best Film and Best Director. So why did this talented pair make a film that was beaten to a pulp? I am definitely interested.

To follow the story directly‚ central character Leo meets a man fascinated by a legendary beach in Thailand. A paradise that frees you from the everyday. A beach with beautiful white sand. The man leaves behind an old map and meets an unnatural death. Leo and a small group of acquaintances depart for the beach. This is‚ well‚ an island you can swim to. No matter how little environmental pollution Thailand has‚ is it really okay to have a legendary paradise right in front of your nose? You can see it from the coast‚ so why all the fuss about the map?

Let’s leave that be for now. Anyway‚ they arrive at the island. It is as the rumours say: wonderful. There is also a lot of marijuana. The young kids who have found their secret base are ecstatic. The leader of the island and her followers are there‚ and Leo becomes romantically involved with a girl. The story then takes a turn and becomes complicated. Sickness‚ tell-tales‚ death. The fighting is incessant and stress rises between friends. Where’s the paradise? The tourists gradually become suspicious of each other‚ and the end of the reality comes‚ ending the dream of the resort.

Let’s get back to business. Why did Leo and director Boyle shoot this film? It’s obvious. Because they liked it. It was especially to Leo’s liking. He loves this kind of story. Blood Diamond‚ Aviator‚ Shutter Island‚ Inception. In other words‚ he loves to play characters that are crazed and mysterious.

So what part of The Beach is “crazed and mysterious”? Within swimming proximity is a fantasy island‚ the gossip and snitch lady is the Queen of the island‚ people that could easily leave are caught up in trouble seemingly on purpose‚ the rare pulling power in believing that right around the corner will be an intense catastrophe. It is stupid. Director Boyle is the artistic director for the London 2012 Olympic games opening ceremony. What’s with that? That won’t do‚ I’m sorry.