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エイリアン(1979年)【アクション映画】 Alien (1979)

監督 リドリー・スコット/Director: Ridley Scott
出演 シガニー・ウィバー/Starring: Sigourney Weaver



The greatest villainous antagonist of all time

What year was 1979 in Japan‚ the year of this film’s release? There was the Southern All Stars hit “Itoshi no Eri”‚ Matsuzaka Keiko’s “Ai no Suichuuka”and the Shiseido summer campaign television commercial“Moero ii Onna”(starring Ono Miyuki). Entering the 80s‚ the cutesy girl that Matsuda Seiko represented really took off. The 80s was an era in which women were made much of‚ and the Nikkei broke 20‚000 yen.

Behind this was the steady approach of a declining birth-rate. Before long‚ the working force of adult men was seeing its limits. Not just as temporary workers or part-timers‚ but without the more earnest utilisation of women’s knowledge and skills‚ the economic competition would be in trouble. While Japan was being ambiguous with the Gender Equality in Employment Act‚ under cooler calculations‚ it would not have been strange for some of those in power to have made a new image of women.

For example‚ in one area of Hollywood how about a woman like the spaceship crew Ripley‚ who confronts a villainous alien? The advent of the bubble was in 1987. Previously featured in this column was Aliens‚ released in 1986. In the background of these two films‚ the fury of the bubble and the geothermal energy of its imminent collapse was pulsating.

The appearance of the commercial towing spaceship Nostromo is brilliant. The crew are frozen (in stasis)‚ and the spaceship where years of sleep is possible‚ is returning to Earth from the specks of space. The mixture of both fatigue and dirt of the giant spaceship is real. The alien is the embodiment of evil. The villainous antagonist has the greatest power of all time. Without hesitation it manages to massacre the crew for the sake of it‚ leaving one survivor‚ spaceship crew Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) to the face the emotionless monster. From the point of view of a feminist‚ this is the good thing‚ but at the time there were many young men around the same age as Ripley who supported her. They probably didn’t applaud Ripley at all for just her “small‚ triangular panties”. They sympathised with her actions.

What kind of sympathy? Perhaps the image of women of the aesthetic catergory that men have was changed? Being able to use state-of-the-art machinery that men love‚ and should she run in an all-women’s marathon‚ she excels at emergency crisis management which provides her the stamina to win. “Even if I am fired‚ I can rely on her.” Certainly this era was moving toward DINKS (Double Income No Kids).

I don’t know what request Ridley Scott made but Swiss artist H.R. Giger’s visualised Alien is illustrated as though it actually existed; formed as the embodiment of a horrifying evil. Without this visualisation‚ I think Alien wouldn’t have been successful.