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ミルク(2008年)【実話がモチーフの映画】 Milk (2008) (a film based on a true story)

監督 ガス・ヴァン・サント/Director: Gus Van Sant
出演 ショーン・ペン/Starring: Sean Penn



The power called “thought”

There are many things that spring to mind in no particular order after seeing this film. To manage my feelings‚ I’ll write the rough plot: Harvey Milk is the first openly gay politician to be elected to public office. He is a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. In 1970 he was 40 years old. To improve upon the acquisition of civil rights and the position of homosexuals‚ he continues to run for office but is unsuccessful. He says that “What we dispatch is important”. He fights not only for homosexuals‚ but also minorities: black people‚ women‚ the elderly‚ the disabled‚ and low income earners.

After two unsuccessful campaigns‚ he talks with his partner Scott that if his third attempt fails‚ then they’ll return to live the peaceful life. The third time is also unsuccessful. He tries a fourth time and is elected. He embarks on continuous reforms and although he develops supporters of his work‚ at the same time his criticism increases. The representative criticism is that he will destroy the way families are.

America is a deeply discriminatory country. Within the backbone of the mentality of Japanese is “countless gods (literally eight million gods)”. For this reason should one god say that homosexuality is bad‚ then another god says it’s okay; I don’t think that the Japanese would get into a heavy argument such as “destroying families”. Under this mixture of Buddhism and Shintoism‚ there is no “you must only listen to this teaching” because there is no single God. Trying to paint everything in black and white; what’s destructive?

This lukewarmness might be the reason for the foundation where behaviour like Milk’s doesn’t easily occur. In the film Milk says‚ “If gays and feminists hold hands‚ they can change society”. Even women are in a low position socially‚ in work and in salaries‚ even in work choices they are at a disadvantage. To improve women’s position; there was no man that would do something so inconvenient. Women attend Milk’s office and offer to help out. Milk’s thoughts gradually spread and the process in which people by his side become involved is the very thought itself of Gus Van Sant who himself opened up about his sexuality.

Discrimination is a device for control. Women have a strong consciousness of being treated equally‚ and although vertical society is troublesome‚ that might be a radical instinct against the administration. perhaps. If Milk was a man through and through‚ well‚ would his understanding of the “female side” of society have been conveyed or not? This is the second Best Lead Actor Oscar win for Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn. It was a good movie.