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インビジブル(2000年)【空想科学映画】 Hollow Man (2000) (a science fiction film)

監督 ポール・バーホーヘン/Director: Paul Verhoeven
出演 ケヴィン・ベーコン、エリザベス・シュー/Starring: Kevin Bacon‚ Elisabeth Shue

映画の楽しさ 堪能させる監督


The fun of movies  A director that gives us enjoyment

Movies have a visual power that cannot be captured in a million words. The realistic visuals are exactly like “a picture is worth a thousand words”; this movie deeply impresses us with nothing but the words “Woah! Woah!” A project team that are working on making animals invisible and then reversing the effects attempt to make a gorilla invisible. The computer graphics composed by director Verhoeven are brilliant and he films scenes that rival a million words. Before you know it‚ skin‚ veins‚ arteries‚ muscles and bones begin to disappear. Then‚ the gorilla returns to its former self. Verhoeven’s magical images that develop before the audience’s eyes are breathtakingly watched.

Invisibilisation experiements on animals are successful‚ but what about humans? Here‚ one man who burns with honour and ambition‚ the scientific genius Sebastian (Kevin Bacon) declares that he will become a guinea pig for the experiment. Naturally‚ because human experiments that accompany danger are not authorised‚ he says that he won’t report it to the government. Against his team’s opposition‚ Sebastian climbs onto the experiment table. Although he does well becoming invisible‚ he cannot return to his original state.

Then what happens‚ whether he changed into his true character or a wicked personality as a process of the experiment‚ the dark side of Sebastian’s heart begins to surface. Abusing his invisibility‚ he breaks into a neighbour’s house and rapes her. Moreover‚ his muscles and physical strength have become abnormally strong‚ and a superhuman ferociousness appears. The conscience of the scientest has gone. With Sebastian out of control‚ the team try to do a progress report and gain orders on how to control the situation but Sebastian says “I won’t let you” and begins to murder them. His madness has completely taken control of him. How is sole surviver Linda (Elisabeth Shue) going to resist an invisible enemy?

Director Verhoeven was born in Amsterdam‚ Netherlands. He is a science-based director who learned physics and mathematics at the University of Leiden‚ the Netherlands’ oldest university. He gained attention for his documentary films and made it into Hollywood in 1985 at 47 years of age. He wasn’t good at English but he immersed himself in American life and improved enough to give interviews in English. He was successful with strong hit films like Robocop‚ Total Recall‚ Basic Instinct and Showgirls.

Sharon Stone’s daring‚ leg-crossing scene was controversial and from then on he continued to receive offers. What’s the whole Razzie award about? I think he is a director that makes us enjoy fun movies.