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パリより愛をこめて(2010年)【アクション映画】 From Paris with Love (2010) (action film)


監督 ピエール・モレル/Director: Pierre Morel
出演 ジョン・トラボルタ、ジョナサン・リース=マイヤーズ/Starring: John Travolta‚ Jonathan Rhys Meyers


▼なんて言ったところでどうなる。よそう、よそう。トラボルタに借りがあるわけじゃなし。でもこの「パリより愛をこめて」(原題も同じ)って、見出しとしてはちょっとマズイのじゃないの? 言い出すとネタバレになってしまうかもしれないけど、とにかく、ワックスのクールな「つかみ」ではないですね。筋書きもよくある話で、目新しさはないです。でもみたあと損したと思えないことが、トラボルタのカリスマなのだ。彼はこのとき56歳。トロみたいに脂がのっている。ペンキ屋の店員でも、将校、弁護士、ギャングでも、しっかりこなすだけでなく、なにをやっても豊潤な(?)トロ味を出すところがいいですね。

Charmed by Travolta’s charisma

This is Travolta’s latest film. He shaved his head and turns on the mood of an unpleasant middle-aged man. Despite his stomach protruding out and being rather overweight‚ his action is nimble. Travolta’s role is CIA special agent Wax‚ a super strong and amazing sharpshooter.

Working at the American embassy as a low-level agent and living in Paris is James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Wax comes to France to investigate a drug ring. Upon arrival he gets into a dispute at the airport. James is unable to keep up with Wax’s manipulative techniques that are full of violence‚ blackmail and deception. He sprays bullets and hurts people to get them to talk. He shoots people dead. James is quite fed up and complains to his girlfriend. However‚ Max isn’t such a weakling; this is one of the highlights.

Overweight but all-muscle Travolta shocks us with lightning action. Despite this‚ whether it was because Travolta’s action was over the top or not‚ this movie was a flop. The movie Taken (by the same director) starring Liam Neeson about a kidnapping in Paris was a huge hit across the US‚ raking in ¥11.6 billion. Comparatively‚ From Paris with Love was a shocking ¥1.9 billion.

It’s a shame because Travolta was really mesmerising. Oh well. Even if one or two films (or many) are poorly received‚ there are various films that are allowed by the world. I don’t think this film was a failure‚ but just badly timed. As proof of this‚ the rental DVD sales are high and I really had to wait a long time for my turn to come.

Upon saying so‚ what’s going to happen? It’s not like I owe Travolta anything. But this title From Paris with Love; is that okay as a heading? To talk about it might give something away so anyway‚ it isn’t the cool point of Wax. The plot is routine so there is nothing new‚ but to finish watching and not feel as having lost something is because of Travolta’s charisma. He was 56 years old at the time. He’s really hitting his stride. As a paint store clerk‚ a general‚ a lawyer‚ a mafioso; not only does he fully perform his character but his luxurious (?) flavour is quite nice.