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紀元前1万年(2008年)【空想科学映画】 10,000 BC (2008) (fantasy film)

監督 ローランド・エメリッヒ/Director: Roland Emmerich
出演 スティーブン・ストレイト、カミーラ・ベル、オマー・シャリフ(語り)/Starring: Steven Strait‚ Camilla Belle‚ Omar Sharif (narration)



The fun of every image

Upon hearing that Roland Emmerich directed the film‚ I raced to the cinema. 10‚000 BC; how does someone go about making that into a film? I didn’t need to think very deeply. In any case‚ this is the guy who shocked us with intense computer graphics on the wide screen and weird monsters in films like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow. This film also moves along in rapid succession- “Here it comes‚ here it comes!” - mammoths‚ terror birds‚ sabertooth tigers‚ pyramids‚ sorcery‚ Africa (I think)‚ changes in scenery from a desert-like landscape to the bitter cold of the extreme north‚ until the Ice Age. The images are like black magic and are beautiful; at times Emmerich is like a necromancer intentionally mixing in confusion while showing us scenes.

Did human civilisation build the pyramids with mammoths 10‚000 years ago? We can’t doubt that. A fierce saber tooth tiger is overly obedient; this too we have to clear from our minds. (in haiku style) “Ro-land E-me-rich/Shoots-a-mo-vie-like-the-one/that-he-went-and-saw” That’s it‚ yep. To say whether the characters are prehistoric from the genesis of humans (Neanderthals?)‚ well‚ they aren’t not dressed wildly. Their behavioural patterns are rather smart and contemporary‚ these kind of doubts of out-of-place things begin to disappear while you watch; that ’s the skill of Emmerich.

The story: in a remote mountain region surrounded by thick forest‚ the Yagahl tribe‚ a people who have hunted mammoths to live‚ are facing a crisis at the drop in mammoth numbers. A mysterious tribe raid the village and capture Evolet (Camilla Belle)‚ the fiancee of DLeh (Steven Straight). For the first time DLeh enters the outside world and so begins the tale of his adventure. Encountering various monsters on the journey‚ he reaches a country of an ancient civilisation. Vast numbers of slaves have trained mammoths and are in the middle of constructing a grand pyramid - an enormous industrial complex (What’s this? The story of the world?)

The resurrection of the dead fiancee (Evolet) by the black magic of a village elder is enough to create the feeling of 10‚000 BC. Nobody has actually been there and seen it‚ there are no remaining documents‚ and since there is no evidence‚ to take this kind of idea and make it into a film makes Emmerich a winner. He is probably the first and the last one to have this kind of creative spirit. He has actually gone public about his homosexuality. From here on it is without a doubt that he will continue to make his own film world. This film was criticised as being childish‚ simple and meaningless‚ but you cannot deny that that whole film is flowing with the fun of images.