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クリント・イーストウッド特集 ヒア アフター(2010年)【ヒューマニズム映画】 Hereafter(Clint Eastwood Special Part 2)

監督 クリント・イーストウッド/Director: Clint Eastwood
出演 マット・ディモン、ルイ・セシル・ド・フランス、マルト・ケラー/Starring: Matt Damon‚ Cecile de France‚ Marthe Keller

愛と勇気見いだす 再生の物語

▼いくつもの「ヒア アフター」があるだろう。来世なのか来年なのか、明日なのか、ここから先はどの部分なのか。この映画からなんらかの答えをひきだそうとすることは無駄らしい。クリントはそんなことひとつも狙っていないし、好きなように受け止めてくれといっているだけだ。ただマルト・ケラー扮する(往年の名女優、クリントは彼女のファンか)博士のセリフなんかで察すると、霊魂の存在をしっかり信じていますね、彼は

Discovering love and courage A story of rebirth

In a television documentary Fujiko Hemming said something along the lines of: “There are some people who say that there is no such thing as the afterlife and so all efforts (of people) are in vain. But that’s just stupid. Everything that happens in this life is taken to the next. That’s why you should live to your utmost.” I think that was more or less the gist of it.

The theme of this film is people who believe in the existence of spirits. When I say “people who believe”‚ I don’t mean if spirits exist or not‚ but that to believe or not depends on the person. I don’t know why this film adopted this theme‚ and at a glance it isn’t something Clint would do‚ but in terms of his preferred “ambiguity”‚ there is nothing else like it in this film.

Whether there is an afterlife or not‚ most people do the best to their ability in the present. But what is that for? It is easy to answer that it is for nothing but oneself‚ but as people simply live‚ they are influenced by something other than themselves and become aware they are living. Appearing in this film is psychic George (Matt Damon)‚ French woman Marie (Cecile de France) and two twin boys in London. They believe in the presence of spirits.

There are a great number of “hereafter”. Is it a part of the next life‚ next year‚ tomorrow‚ or somewhere nearby? This film seems unable to draw out any form of answer. Clint was not aiming to do so‚ he simply wanted us to accept it as we like. However‚ if we go by the lines of the professor played by Marthe Keller (a once famed actress whom Clint is a fan)‚ we can see that Clint firmly believes in the existence or spirits.

Clint has always been skilled at the treatment of this kind of inner world. Fulfilling the role of coming from somewhere and leaving to go somewhere (Pale Rider and The Unforgiven)‚ this is not the base character of his works. Put simply‚ doing something and leaving without a word; that suits the tranquility and isolation of his aesthetics. He himself is like that‚ thinking that once you’re born‚ you wield power‚ do what you do and leave. This film has a happy ending. The three protagonists each discover love and courage. This is the story of those who when losing something‚ suffered in their search‚ discovered the presence of their spirit and were reborn.