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新春リクエスト特集 アスラン王と魔法の島(2011年)【冒険ファンタジー映画】 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2011) (Request Special) (Fantasy)

監督 マイケル・アプテッド/Director: Michael Apted
出演 ジョージー・ヘンリー、スキャンダー・ケインズ、ベン・ハーンズ、ウィル・ポーター/Starring: Georgie Henley‚ Skandar Keynes‚ Ben Barnes‚ Will Poulter

愛と勇気を 失いかけた大人たちへ


To the adults who almost lost love and courage

Nouvelle Vague is good‚ indie and Hitchcock are both good‚ yet this film really makes you think that Narnia is also great. During the war‚ Edmund (Skandar Keynes) and Lucy (Georgie Henley) are staying at the house of their cousin Eustace (Will Poulter). Rebellious Eustace teases the siblings. In a room in an old frame is a painting of the ocean. As they look at it the ocean begins to swell and then flows into the room. They are caught in the middle of a large ocean‚ and the one who saves them is Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes).

Prince Caspian was in the middle of a voyage aboard the Dawn Treader in an attempt to solve the mystery of the continual disappearance of the citizens of Narnia‚ his father’s friends and the seven Lords. Amidst the evil dark force that corrupts the hearts of the crew and Edmund‚ Lucia prays “Save us‚ Aslan”. Aslan is her guardian deity. Aslan uses telepathy to call to Lucy‚ who has a complex about her appearance‚ and instructs her “Do not doubt your own worth.” The interesting one is Eustace.

With his terribly selfish behaviour he causes trouble for others‚ and in the golden valley he attempts to steal treasure and is transformed into an ugly dragon. Everyone thinks him a fool except for the mouse Reepicheep who encourages him: “You’re a dragon so you have amazing power.”The dragon that lays beside Edmund and the others who are sleeping outside is completely despondent. He is so dejected in this scene that it makes you cry. You feel sorry for him but it makes you laugh. The troublemaker dragon is threatened to be eaten by the crew if they become any hungrier‚ but one day Edmund yells “Eustace‚ you’re amazing.” The ship is brought to a standstill in the doldrums. When the food and water has almost run out‚ Reepicheep‚ who has taken up his position on the nose of the dragon encourages everyone. The dragon ties his snake-like long tail to the ship and then flapping his wings with all his might he tows everyone. You’re great Eustace!

The times comes for their reunion with Aslan‚ who rewards everybody saying‚ “You’ve done well coming this far.” However‚ Lucy‚ who says she wants to go to Aslan’s country‚ is told “If you come to my country you can never return.” The reason why her older brother and sister don’t appear is because they have already become adults. Aslan is a symbol of a mature adult and so to enter his world is to graduate from the world of children.

The siblings and Eustace return to the room with the painting. The room is as it was but Eustace is changed. Courage‚ self-sacrifice‚ teamwork; he was taught by Narnia and Aslan to make correct and calm decisions. Did C.S. Lewis write Narnia for children? What this story really needs is adults who have almost lost love and hope. I sometimes think this when I watch this film. One of the reasons for this longing is that it goes without saying that the visuals are amazing.