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新春リクエスト特集 エレクトリック・ミスト(2009年)【サスペンス映画】 In the Electric Mist (2009) (Request Special) (Suspense)

監督 ベルトラン・タヴェルニエ/Director: Bertrand Tavernier
出演 トミー・リー・ジョーンズ/Starring: Tommy Lee Jones


▼「酒に溺れていた数カ月の間、黒い木の上に暮らす白い狼の夢をみた。狼は木から降りると、自分の子をつぎつぎと食べた。殺人犯はどんな夢をみるのか。考えたくもない」これは保安官の夢。南北戦争の将軍の幻をみたって不思議じゃないくらい神経が痛めつけられていますね。こんなのもあった「アイスクリームの中のクソみたいに目立つ男よ」日本ではあまり言わない例えですね。「頭の薄い、小動物みたいな顔の白人の男だった」すぐイメージが湧いてこない? もうひとつ保安官から引用を「理解の概念をどう定義する? 二つあると思う。一つは見なければわからない。もう一つは目をそらせば全体が見える」こんなセリフをつぶやいて、さまになるところは、さすがハーバード大文学部ね(ジョーンズのこと)。タヴェルニエ監督はフランス人。本来ややこしい物語とエピソードの重層を、手際よいカードの切り方で並べたと思う。

A serial killer intertwined with a 40 year old cold case

With restaurants‚ izakayas‚ and even boutiques‚ upon taking one step inside there is a kind of atmosphere that makes you think the establishment is nice. I think this is the same with films. Easy to enter‚ not indiscreet‚ main characters who casually appear and whose roles we can understand. Like that.

This film was never released theatrically in the United States. Therefore I didn’t really set my hopes high‚ but it was a good movie. It has actors that without wouldn’t make for good storytelling; of which‚ Tommy Lee Jones is one. The setting is a country town in the southern state of Louisiana. The setting of the south becomes a large part of the background. The scars of the great damage of hurricanes and flooding remains in the town‚ particularly in the suburbs where poverty lingers.

Sheriff’s Detective Dave Robicheaux (Tommy Lee Jones) was the witness to a murder that happened forty years ago. When he was 17‚ he saw a black man shot dead on the opposite shore of a swamp. That body is found‚ and at the same time the brutal murder of a 19 year old underage prostitute occurs. The criminal’s methods are gruesome: gouging out her breasts and disemboweling her. Following this is a second murder. The detective’s gut feeling tells him that this case is somehow interconnected with the one forty years prior.

The hallucination of an injured Civil War General with a cane makes the story slightly confusing but perhaps this is the menacing conception of the protagonist? The detective that Jones plays is always at the spirit of investigation. The story progresses briskly; the detective’s daughter is kidnapped but the culprit is arrested. I don’t think that anyone would doubt that the script is one of the elements that makes the film interesting. The following is like what happens in the film:

“When I was drowning in liquor for several months I had a dream about a white wolf that lives at the top of a black tree. When the wolf came down‚ it began eating its own children one after the other. I wonder what kind of dreams murderers see? I don’t want to think about it.” This is the dream of the sheriff’s detective. He must be mentally hurting if he is seeing hallucinations of a Civil War General. There was also this: “The guy who sticks out like shit in icecream.” This is an example that can’t really be said in Japanese. “He was a white guy‚ thin on top with a face like a small animal.” Doesn’t the image just come straight to you? Here’s another quote from the Sheriff’s detective: “How do you define the notion of understanding? There are two. One is seeing is believing. The other is if you look away you can see the whole thing.” Spouting these lines and looking good; that’s definitely Harvard literature graduate Jones. Tavernier is French. He shows us he can skillfully cover an essentially confusing story with overlapping flashbacks.