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新春リクエスト特集 ひまわり(1970年)【恋愛・ヒューマン映画】 Sunflower (1970) (Request Special) (Human Drama)

監督 ヴィットリオ・デ・シーカ/Director: Vittorio De Sica
出演 ソフィア・ローレン、マルチェロ・マストロヤンニ、リュドミラ・サヴェリーエワ/Starring: Sophia Loren‚ Marcello Mastroianni‚ Lyudmila Savelyeva


At the consulation office for missing in action soldiers that fought on the Russian front‚ Giovanna is demanding answers from the person in charge. “My husband is alive.”“We cannot confirm his death.”“So then he’s alive. Don’t say such things.”She tells her mother-in-law‚“I’ll find your son. I’ll bring him home. Even if I have to walk across Russia.”

Director De Sica’s opening scene clearly engraves the story and the heroine’s character. He is a splendid director. Giovanna is a typical Neopolitan woman. She is cheerful‚ strong and stubborn. Sophia Loren is unrivaled playing this kind of woman. She is madly in love with Antonio (Marcello Mastroianni)‚ who deserted the army to marry her. Antonio schemes to pretend to go crazy to avoid being conscripted‚ but he is unable to resist Giovanna who comes to see him. He is held down when they are making love and then sent off to the Russian front. He says that he will bring her a fur scarf as a souvenir‚ and departs for the bitter cold of Russia.

Giovanna arrives in Russia alone. Depending only on a single photo of Antonio that she shows to people‚ she walks about farming villages where she doesn’t understand the language. Her hands go numb from carrying about her heavy bag and even then she leans her body against trees to rest. She doesn’t even sit down. Finally she arrives at a tidy household and is greeted by Masha (Lyudmila Savelyeva) and her daughter. Upon their reaction when she shows the photo‚ she understands that Antonio is living here. The scene of Antonio and Giovanna’s reunion and farewell at the station is done without a word from the lead actor and actress; a really great scene that is firmly combined.

Giovanna‚ who shakes off Antonio and jumps aboard the steam train and Antonio who heavily accepts Giovanna’s love for him; Masha understands that her husband must settle his feelings and recommends he go back to Italy. Giovanna has married and already has a child. Antonio gives Giovanna the promised fur scarf that he bought from his own poverty. Giovanna sees off Antonio who has boarded the train. There is no dialogue at this time. There is only the connected gaze between Mastroianni looking at Giovanna and Loren looking up at Antonio.

The train begins moving. They will never meet again. Why does the happiest married couple in the world have to meet this fate? This is what crying Loren and the audience question. The last scene. Henry Mancini’s original score is playing. As far as the horizon is a field of sunflowers. Such beauty. The tens of thousands of Italian‚ German‚ Russian soldiers and the plaintiveness of their families resting below the flowers is spectacular.