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スラムドッグ$ミリオネア(2008年)【シリアス映画】 Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

監督 ダニー・ボイル/Director: Danny Boyle
出演 デーブ・パテール、マドウル・ミッタル、フリーダ・ピントー/Starring: Dev Patel‚ Madhur Mittal‚ Freida Pinto



Boyle’s hard fastball

Weaved together with the warp of a pure lovestory and the woof of the world’s largest slum‚ this is a heavy movie that it both deep and vast. It is unbelievable that director Danny Boyle made a flop like the film The Beach‚ because he displays his true competency as if he himself changed.

The large city of Mumbai. Dharavi district. The poverty and caste system of Indian society is painfully revealed. The dense houses are single rooms consisting of only an earthen wall‚ floor and a roof. The streets are strewb with night soil and rubbish‚ children beggars run about‚ the girls later become prostitutes and the boys‚ thieves. The sour smell wafts from the screen. Jamal (Dev Patel) and older brother Salim (Madhur Mittal) were born and raised in a town like this. Their mother screams “Kill the Muslims”‚ and is beaten to death by a crowd that run into the street after her. On a rainy day‚ Jamal and his older brother sleep outside in a pipe at the main square. They save a girl Latika who is soaked like a drowned rat from the beating rain. The declare themselves the “Three Musketeers” and decide to live together but Salim doesn’t listen to good-natured Jamal.

They flee from a gang running rampant in the city‚ but Latika is unable to get away and is caught. The brothers steal‚ pickpocket and do whatever they can to survive. Jamal can’t forget Latika. He visits Mumbai and rescues Latika who has become a dancing girl at a brothel‚ but his older brother snatches her from him.

Jamal thinks that if he appears on the popular quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? then Latika will see him. He appears as a contestant and continues answering correctly. However‚ for the young man who has never been educated yet is closing in on the million dollar question‚ he is thought to be cheating and is questioned by the police. Hearing Jamal begin to talk about his absolute poverty‚ the detective is speechless at Jamal’s appalling history.

Shaking off suspicions of cheating‚ Jamal tackles the final question. The question is “The three musketeers are Athos‚ Porthos and who?”. Jamal’s three musketeers were him‚ Salim and Latika. Jamal uses the phone-a-friend option to ask the help of his only brother‚ Salim. Latika is the one who answers the phone. Salim gave his phone to Latika who escaped the gang‚ he shot the gang boss and was shot up himself. Salim‚ who stole his brother’s girlfriend‚ didn’t believe in anyone or anything and delved into money and crime; you would cry at the chivalrous spirit he shows at the eleventh hour. This film can be said to be Boyle’s hard fastball. The audience wouldn’t reject the word “destiny” nor speak sarcastically about the miraculous final scene.