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雨の訪問者(1970年)【ミステリー・サスペンス映画】 Rider on the Rain (1970)

監督:ルネ・クレマン/Director: Rene Clement
出演:チャールズ・ブロンソン、マドレーヌ・ジョベール/Starring: Charles Bronson‚ Marlene Jobert


▼ブロンソンの顔。あれは感情を包み込んだ苦労人の顔だ。100万ドルスターになってからも、来日したときのCM撮影ではスタッフへの配慮を忘れず、下積みの若手にはやさしかった。クエンティ・タランティーノはブロンソンを尊敬していた。「キル・ビル2」の撮影中その死を知り「チャールズ・ブロンソン 安らかにお眠りください」とエンドクレジットしている。

The face of a worldly-wise man

Charles Bronson is of European descent born to a Lithuanian immigrant. When he was ten years old‚ his father‚ who was a miner‚ passed away. He and his brothers entered the mine to dig for coal. Bronson had ambitions for the army. In World War II he boarded a B-29 and participated in the bombing of Tokyo. Following his discharge from the army‚ he learned acting at a school in Pasedena in the suburbs of Los Angeles. With his masculine looks he was selected for the lead in Machine-Gun Kelly at 37 years old.

Johnson made his breakthrough with the film Farewell‚ Friend. Rider in the Rain was Bronson’s work at 49 years old. At a small country town on the coast near Marseille‚ surrounding a murder involving a woman‚ mysterious man Bronson investigates. In the first scene Melancolie Mau (Marlene Jobert) is at a bus stop in the drizzling rain. She can’t help but feel that a man carrying a red bag is following her. The ashen sea‚ the desolate rainy street. Clement sets up the dark gut feeling of the heroine.

Attacked and raped‚ Melancolie kills the man with a shotgun and throws his body into the sea. Bronson makes his appearance but his identity is not easily revealed. We don’t know whether he is a friend or a foe of the heroine. Thinking that he may hurt Melancolie‚ he suddenly appears to save her. Melancolie’s involvement in smuggling by using her pilot husband‚ stealing the large sum of money that the man stashed in the red bag; we start to understand the gist of what is going on.

It turns out that Bronson is US Army Colonel Harry Dobbs‚ dispatched for the investigation. He carries the popular German gun Luger P08. Bronson also uses this gun in the film Violent City. As he is a former soldier‚ his casual use of the gun looks good. The 08 is associated with the year 1908 when Germany officially adopted the Luger as its military hand gun. The Luger accompanies various scenes in films: by Hardy Kruger in Where Eagles Dare‚ by Steve McQueen in The Great Escape‚ Alain Delon in The Adventurers‚ and the German soldiers in Schindler’s List and Stalingrad.

Bronson’s face; it is the face of a worldly-wise man wrapped up in emotion. Even after becoming a million dollar star‚ when he came to Japan to shoot a TV commercial he didn’t forget his manners‚ and was kind to the younger bottom-rung staff. Quentin Tarentino respected Bronson. He learnt of Bronson’s death while filming Kill Bill 2 and included in the end credits: “Rest in peace‚ Charles Bronson”.