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テレフォン(1978年)【社会派・ミステリー映画】 Telefon (1978)

監督 ドン・シーゲル/Director: Don Siegel
出演 チャールズ・ブロンソン、リー・レミック、ドナルド・プレサンス/Starring: Charles Bronson‚ Lee Remick‚ Donald Pleasence

シーゲルが描く 仕事のできる男


The capable men that Siegel illustrates

This is a combination of Bronson and Don Siegel. Everyone is eager to know what kind of film it is. Bronson is a KGB sleeper agent with a photographic memory sent to the United States to prevent nuclear war. In other words‚ he appears as a man with a computer-like memory. His weapon of choice is the 357 Magnum. It is a Magnum different to that of Dirty Harry’s; the gun is short and small‚ and Bronson handles it well.

The woods are lovely‚ dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep‚
And miles to go before I sleep‚
And miles to go before I sleep.

This is the code to active the brainwashed sleeper agents. One day the phone rings‚ and suddenly this phrase is heard from the receiver. The men and women (ordinary citizens) who hear this are like sleepwalkers who pack explosives and blow up bases. They are all Soviet Union exchange students; self-destructive sleeper agents that have been brainwashed. They number 51. The culprit behind this is Dalchimsky (Donald Pleasence)‚ who stole the Telefon Book (mission book) from the KGB headquarters and fled the USSR with it.

In order to worsen US-USSR relations‚ he blows up military installations. KGB headquarters dispatch Major Bortsov (Charles Bronson) to the US‚ and posing as husband and wife with US-stationed KGB agent Barbara (Lee Remick)‚ they take on removing Dalchimsky. Meanwhile‚ one after the other the 51 agents receive the “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” phonecall and commit suicide. Headquarters give Barbara another top secret order: once Bortsov’s mission is complete‚ she is to kill him.

To Don Siegel‚ the image of a “capable man” is clearly the following. A reticent man who is decisive. He has excellent reflexes and doesn’t pamper women. Barbara gets mad at Bortsov who orders her to do this and that‚ but she begins to think that the stronger a man is‚ the kinder he really is. There is a natural warmth in Bronson that makes a woman think so. The pair easily follow orders from headquarters‚ stop the US-USSR crisis‚ and happily conceal their whereabouts.

I really want to touch upon Donald Pleasence. This kind of actor can be said to be a craftsman of films. He was acknowledged by the famed British actor Lord Laurence Olivier‚ and made his screen debut. He performed in various roles‚ from 007 to Columbo. Even without receiving Oscars or other famous film awards‚ he is an actor whose roles we can quickly recollect: Dr. Michaels in the B grade classic Fantastic Voyage‚ The Forger in The Great Escape‚ as the head of SPECTRE in 007‚ and so on. He had a buzz cut from a young age. Leaving behind over 500 films‚ he passed away in 1995 at the age of 76.