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何がジェーンに起こったか (1962年)  What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)


監督:ロバート・アルドレッチ/Director: Robert Aldrich
出演:ベティ・デイビス、ジョン・クロフォード/Starring: Bette Davis‚ Joan Crawford



A childlike evil

Two star actresses became the talk of the town. Wicked younger sister (Bette Davis) bullies her older sister (Joan Crawford). Serving a dead rat on a tray for her dinner is not normal. Nobody but Bette can do this kind of madness. Not getting along with Crawford is real‚ she casually says "They just want to call me an evil woman because in reality I’m not that way at all. She says that I’m of high society because I’m the opposite." She’s beyond control.
In the plot‚ Jane is a popular 6 year old child star praised as ‘Baby Jane’‚ older sister Blanche’s existence is hiding in her shadow. Decades later‚ Jane’s popularity has fizzled and older sister Blanche now stars in films as a talented actress; their positions have reversed. As the result of an accident Blanche spends her life in a wheelchair. Jane’s long-standing jealousy is unleashed on her bedridden older sister. She kills the maid who had taken great care of her older sister. Left in a state of starvation‚ Blanche is neglected and begins to waste away. The police come in search of the missing maid. Jane puts the body of the maid and her dying older sister into the car and drives off. At dawn she stops the car by the seaside and lays her sister down on the beach. As her sister is about to pass away‚ she makes an unexpected confession.
Before long the beach is bustling. Janes goes to the shop to buy an icecream to feed to her sister. The patrol notices the car parked on the road shoulder. As Janes passes through the bathers seated on the beach‚ she imagines herself again as the famous child star of her youth‚ and holding icecreams in both hands‚ she twirls as if weaving around them. The last scene is the climax. Bette Davis uses her whole body to impersonate the childlike evil of Jane. Bette was 54 years old. The light steps of her beautiful legs were the beautiful action that the long profession of actress had trained.
Apart from Robert Aldrich’s male group "Emperor of the North Pole"‚ and "The Longest Yard"‚ there are also numerous masterpieces with women; "Hush... Hush‚ Sweet Charlotte" (also starring Bette Davis)‚ Scent of a Woman"‚ The Killing of Sister George". The tricky director’s last film was "...All The Marbles" (The Califorina Dolls). Travelling the country competing in matches are female professional wrestling manager (since passed away Peter Falk) and a beautiful wrestling tag team who challenge a once-in-a-lifetime do-or-die match. It was a masterpiece fitting of master Aldrich.