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ダーティーハリー (1971年) Dirty Harry (1971)

監督:ドン・シーゲル/Director: Don Siegel
出演 クリント・ イーストウッド/Starring: Clint Eastwood

自分のスタイルを 死ぬまで変えないやつ


The guy who will never change his style

As I have recently mentioned in this column‚ the 1970s were a special time for Clint Eastwood‚ but it was also the same for Hollywood. The spread of television in the 1950s‚ the sale of film companies due to financial difficulties‚ the increase of suburbanites leading to a decrease in audience size; with the advent of the 1970s‚ finally Hollywood was making its comeback. The Godfather (1972)‚ Enter the Dragon (1973)‚ The Godfather Part II (1974)‚ Star Wars (1977)‚ Apocalypse Now (1979) - famous movies that carved their name in cinema history‚ and the production of topical films brought back people to the movie theatre.
Non-outlaw anti-hero protagonists‚ the dismantlement of classical genre films‚ the absence of beautiful men and women‚ the release of pornography‚ the direct portrayal of violence and dead bodies; coined by Times magazine as New Cinema‚ this trend was the backdrop of the 1970s. The lone wolf Harry Callahan gained the body of Clint Eastwood and became a big hit.
Hollywood aimed for a movie course that television could not imitate: they bet on narrowed-down projects‚ and should it prove a hit‚ was turned into a series‚ and they planned the remake of pre-established hit products‚ like comics. The Dirty Harry series was made into five. Although it was a cash cow‚ as one may expect by number five audience numbers began to decline‚ money fell back‚ and Harry Callahan‚ whose wrinkles were beginning to appear‚ had to be cast on the screen. Later‚ Clint Eastwood whined that Dirty Harry had been overdone.
Francis Ford Coppola met a worst fate. With The Godfather and Part II he shone in unprecedented two-straight Oscar wins. Anyone who did such big work would become exhausted. Burned out Coppola made Part III and the drying up of the series was nothing but horrible. It can be said that Clint was able to outlast because he knew Hollywood inside-out.
At 81 years old Clint Eastwood is still going strong making movies. His most recent film that he is directing stars Leonardo DiCaprio. Clint usually gives the OK on first takes in his filming‚ though careful Leo frequently requests to re-do the scene‚ Clint calmly says‚ "Let the camera roll‚ but don’t bother putting any film in." It doesn’t matter who or what era it is‚ people don’t ever intend to change their style.