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将軍たちの夜 (1967年)  The Night of the Generals (1967)


監督:アナトール・リトヴァク/Director: Anatole Litvak
出演 ピーター・オトウール、オマー・シャリフ、トム・コートネイ/Starring: Peter O’Toole‚ Omar Sharif‚ Tom Courtenay

この三人組を 見逃してはいけない


You can’t lose sight of this trio

In 1942 in Nazi-occupied Warsaw‚ a woman is brutally murdered. In the witnesses’ testimony‚ the culprit wore trousers with red lines‚ in other words‚ wearing the clothes of a general. Highly trusted General to the Fuhrer is lead character Tanz (Peter O’Toole)、investigating the case is Major Grau (Omar Sharif)‚ and key witness is Gefreiter Hartmann (Tom Courtenay). Let’s think about what kind of conversation would have been had when the three got together for filming. For example‚
Peter: "Anyway it was very hot that time‚ wasn’t it?" Omar: "Yes‚ awfully! The camels weren’t as easy going as they’d said." Tom: "I was quite cold. Omar has experienced both the desert and the snow fields."
Just when you think the trio are over‚ Peter and Omar co-starred in Lawrence of Arabia‚ and Omar and Tom co-starred in Dr. Zhivago. The director of both films was David Lean. They starred in these great films (to which even today nothing can be added to) and worked under a master.
worked under a master. At first these three would have been awkward actors. If you pause the DVD and look at Peter’s long face you can understand that this was the kind of man Lawrence was; and the reason for the casting of Omar Sharif‚ (who was Sherif Ali in Lawrence of Arabia) in Dr. Zhivago was‚ because director Lean thought that "to play a poet‚ a pure heart is needed" (that’s what I concluded). Tom. He doesn’t stand out as an actor but is offered good roles from good directors. The flag bearer of English Free Cinema‚ Tony Richardson‚ had Tom as the lead in his film The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. He really did run well.
Even in The Night of the Generals‚ this trio is fresh. Without neglecting even the slightest details‚ the odd feeling of tension of General Tanz‚ can it be said that Peter O’Toole put his heart and soul into the role? Or that he enjoyed it? I don’t think there was anyone else more fitting. Director Anatole Litvak was born in 1902. Ingrid Bergman won her second Oscar for Best Actress in his film Anastasia. She got together with Director Litvak once more in the film Goodbye Again. Until he passed away in 1974 at the age of 72 years old‚ passing through wars‚ he is one of the few directors who continued to shoot good films.