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ジュリア(1977年) Julia (1977)

監督:フレッド・ジンネマン/Director: Fred Zinnemann
出演 ジェーン・フォンダ、ヴァネッサ・レッドグレーブ、ジェーソン・ロバーツ/Starring: Jane Fonda‚ Vanessa Redgrave‚ Jason Robards

重厚な女優二人 ジンネマン後期の傑作 


Two heavy-hitting actresses. Zinnemann’s late period masterpiece

In 1934‚ shrouded in dark clouds on the eve of the Second World War‚ Lillian (Jane Fonda) receives the request of her childhood friend Julia (Vanessa Redgrave) to deliver $50‚000 of resistance money to Berlin. Julia had become a fighter against Fascism. This is the biographical movie of American writer Lillian Hellman. Vanessa‚ and Jason Robards who played Lillian’s lover Dashiell Hammett‚ each won an Academy Award for Best Actor (and Actress) in a Supporting Role.
Julia is the granddaughter of a wealthy family. Their house is not a mansion‚ but rather‚ a castle. The dining room is like the huge hall in Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardary in Harry Potter; she has eaten here from childhood‚ dressed in formal clothes. In a period where it was extremely rare for women to attend university‚ she advances to prestigious Oxford University. Setting her sights on medicine‚ at the University of Vienna she studies with Sigmund Freud. As one of the few elite women who had received the best education‚ her future was bright. Lillian knew that more than anybody.
Lillian visits Julia where she is studying at Oxford. Vanessa’s height is 180cm‚ and although Jane Fonda isn’t short herself‚ Vanessa was at least a head taller. She always reached her limits with her level-headed older sister and her own soul-searching‚ just like a younger sister who is a little undependable. Julia and Lillian go for strolls and ride bicycles‚ and take a tour inside the extensive Oxford University. There is no dialogue. The sisters touring the beautiful university grounds is enjoyable and very lyrical. This is the happiest time in Julia’s life‚ in her reminiscences it is a carefree time that she thinks in her heart. Zinnemann well establishes this in his visuals.
Lillian heads to the turbulent Berlin. Sticking to one’s beliefs‚ to film such men and women‚ Zinnemann’s finishing touches are powerful. He lost his parents in the Holocaust. Living under the oppression and irrationality of the time and order‚ through dying men and women Zinnemann’s denunciation is sharp. High Noon‚ From Here to Eternity‚ The Nun’s Story‚ A Man for All Seasons. Julia‚ in the midst of her resistance activism‚ is brutal murdered by the regime. This was an era where strong women did not die natural deaths. Even in Jane Fonda’s personal life‚ she holds respect and affection for Vanessa‚ and gave her daughter the same name.