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アマデウス (1984年) Amadeus (1984)


監督:ミロス・フォアマン/Director: Milos Forman
出演  F・マーリー・エイブラハム、トム・ハルス/Starring: F. Murray Abraham‚ Tom Hulce



God’s beloved

Salieri is Beethoven’s teacher‚ a renowned maestro‚ taken on trip after trip by his stage father. Finally entering the court‚ even though it is stable‚ with his prodigal wife he often borrows money‚ his societal position should have been different to Mozart’s. However‚ the truth and correctness is to the point of clever‚ the mass of this movie is superb. The winning combination of director Milos and Peter Shaffer’s original screenplay.
Attempting suicide and brought to a mental asylym is an old man who goes by the name Antonio Salieri (F. Murry Abraham). He is the court composer for the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II. He begins to speak of a life-changing genius. The foul‚ wafting reek of mould of the sickroom to its thrilling developments‚ it grabs the audience by the scruff of the neck and pulls them in. From the opening it is frightfully brilliant.
Preceding Shaffer’s masterpiece Amadeus is Equus. The two main characters are a young man who blinded six horses‚ and the psychiatrist treating him. Within madness‚ the condensed truth analysed by Shaffer is dramatic. The more he acknowledges Mozart’s genius‚ the deeper his jealousy and despair becomes. Finally Salieri attempts to leave his name in history by murdering God’s beloved.
A genius is not an ordinary person‚ so you’re wrong to try and take him on; as any intelligent person would argue‚ "to fight and run away to live another day" does not work with Salieri. The fine line between genius and insanity‚ sparking an electrical discharge he is entranced. Just thinking of it‚ you can’t blurt out "I’m tired." The theatrical atmosphere and intensity‚ even with the stage of Equus‚ makes it hard it breathe.
Salieri‚ like a chill‚ without a doubt won the Oscar for Best Actor. And the Best Director‚ Best Film‚ Best Screenplay. But of course the real main character is Mozart. The thing that crazed Salieri was not Mozart‚ but his music. Goethe‚ who complained after listening to Mozart‚ is recorded in Johann Peter Eckermann’s "Conversations with Goethe". "This music confuses people. It’s not something to be listened to in one’s youth." There is a part to Mozart’s music that tears at your nerves. Being loved by God‚ but at the same time‚ taking on something like the Devil. That is‚ the truth of what God’s Beloved (Amadeus) is.