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太陽がいっぱい (1960年) Plein Soleil (1960)


監督:ルネ・クレマン/Director: Rene Clement

「わたしがいちばん きれいだったとき」


When I was most beautiful

This is a movie beyond all praise. It was Alain Delon’s first major movie‚ had the ambitious crime of a poor youth‚ and yet at this point I have not really said anything- such is this troublesome movie.
This cinemized version of Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Talented Mr. Ripley‚ though faithful to the original‚ it was not so great at the box-office nor do too well in awards. With this in mind‚ viewing its success as the pairing of Alain Delon and Rene Clement is not necessarily irrelevant.
It was released in France on March 10‚ 1960. In cinema history the rise of Nouvelle Vague swept France. Its representatives are the well-known Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Roland Truffaut.
At its release they were 30 and 20 years old respectively. Six years later the film Un Homme et une Femme won the Best Foreign Language Award at the Oscars when Claude Lelouch was 23 years old. Alain Delon was 24‚ Clement was 57.
Clement had already made a name for himself around the world with the films Barrage Contre le Pacifique and Jeux Interdits. They saw the 57 year old director as a successful maestro‚ or put simply‚ as an ‘accomplished old timer’.
Nouvelle Vague’s preferred filming technique is centred on the raw sensation of location filming: simultaneous recording and improvisation; but how did Clement see things? These techniques were his speciality at the time. His first success was a documentary‚ at which he was an expert. Making the best use of his skills‚ I wonder if there was any annoyance among the young artists sweeping the world?
Taking a glance at the highly lauded new trends‚ was his era over? He was shrouded with impatience and loneliness. It was at that time when Alain Delon appeared before him. Perhaps at first glance Clement realised‚"This is it!"
The truth in immorality‚ betrayal in friendship‚ the echo toward a crazed yearning‚ desire and crime. The shadow of any logic in film-making grows thin‚ that smell is released from the body; the beautiful snake with a deadly poison of natural beauty was released upon the Nouvelle Vague group.
Plein Soleil sees Alain Delon like the blue of a shadow falling upon a slender cheek‚ in the literal sense of the poem "When I Was Most Beautiful" (Ibaraki Noriko). Having struck back‚ in this movie we can hear Clement’s laughter as he watches Alain Delon take the world by storm.