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イヴの総て (1950年)  All About Eve (1950)

監督:ジョセフ・L/マンキーウイッツ/Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
出演 ベティ・デイビス、アン・バクスター/Starring: Bette Davis‚ Anne Baxter



The process of desire and betrayal

The reason why movies that are over sixty years old remain interesting is because there is not one part of their contents that has become outdated. Let’s think carefully about this common notion. A movie that excels is a movie that has a living and breathing feel to it. I wonder who it was that said that? In that way‚ the characters who appear in this film more than sixty years ago people relate with‚ or‚ find a part of themselves in‚ and perhaps even now. That is‚ for example‚ even after being screened for more than one hundred years‚ the very reason why this movie will have not aged.
Eve (Anne Baxter)‚ having left the coutryside‚ aims to be an actress. Every night she goes to see Broadway star Margo (Bette Davis) on stage. Margo‚ knowing that she is adored‚ makes Eve her assistant. Eve attends Margo with her whole-hearted devotion. Everyone becomes interested in and fond of Eve. She first becomes liked by Margo’s entourage. Without even a blemish to the way she carries herself‚ it really is innocent.
One day‚ Margo is late for a show that she is supposed to appear in. As Margo’s replacement‚ in a hurry Eve performed and wins great admiration. I did it! With this foothold‚ Eve gets in with the critics and playwrights‚ succeeding in ridding herself of obstacles. Gradually‚ Eve begins to show her true colours‚ rising to stardom with Margo as her stool. Her tear-jerking life story and countryside beginnings were downright lies. But having come this far was easy to do‚ and maintaining her couldn ‘t-harm-a-fly looks‚ Eve brilliantly begins to reveal her process of betrayal.
What about Margo? Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night)‚ Susan Hayward (I Want to Live!)‚ Marlene Dietrich (Morocco)‚ Barbara Stanwyck (Double Indemnity); all names of Oscar-winning actresses lined up‚ but as a result‚ none of them fit (or didn’t accept) the arrogance and decay that the role of Margo paints ‚ instead Bette was chosen after reading the script and taking interest to it. Bette was on the losing team for the first time and it intrigued her fans.
A famous Japanese Kabuki actor said: "There is someone who continually watches my performance right before the stage. Should I injure myself‚ he will able to replace me immediately. But‚ (laughing)‚ I won’t go down that easily yet." That’s right‚ the reason this movie doesn’t get old is the desire and betray of people living on the screen.