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【クリント・イーストウッド週間】 ブロンコ・ビリー(1980年) Bronco Billy (1980)


監督:クリント・イーストウッド/Director: Clint Eastwood
出演 クリント・イーストウッド、ソンドラ・ロック/Starring: Clint Eastwood‚ Sondra Locke



Clint’s concept

Of Clint’s self-produced films‚ he is said to have loved this one. The reason is because it is “compact”. It doesn’t show interest in anything historical‚ or spectacles or science fiction; to say that you like a theme like Billy Bronco other than violence and the mysterious killer’s character might be a little surprising‚ but you have to agree that the basis of his film production is “compact”.
It cannot be said that Bronco Billy was a success financially. The timing was bad. In the same year‚ Starwars: The Empire Strikes Back swept over the film world. Special effects and picture scrolls of adventure; a big hit was made in a field beyond Clint’s reach. Was it a bit of a shock? Not actually. In the following year he recalled this film as “fun”‚ and that didn’t appear to be his excuse.
Protagonist Billy has plain beliefs. He used to be a shoes salesman. He shot his wife after catching her sleeping with his best friend‚ and served seven years in prison for it. He starts up “Billy Bronco’s Wild West Show” with friends that he met in prison‚ and they go on tour. Wishing to be a model for children‚ he believes in his friends (“You’re fired‚ get out!”is what is usually said) and loves his motherland America for giving him a second start at life.
Under this philosophy‚ Billy and his troupe overcome every kind of obstacle. In a way‚ it might be a world that is harder to believe than Star Wars‚ but somewhere in this movie there is something that attracts people. There is something that gives us a sense of nostalgia. In the countryside‚ the people‚ their way of thinking‚ there is something that affects people.
When Clint said “compact”‚ it wasn’t just about making a profitable movie (although it is the main premise)‚ he was making something like a small community‚ compatible‚ a tacit work that can be contained in the hand. Clint turned down an offer for Coppola’s big hit Apocalypse Now. He couldn’t perform his one-man show. There is also that point. However‚ “I’d be stuck on location in the rainforest for two years”; this is something that he couldn’t put up with‚ and it was likely the truth‚ too.
The framework of “compact” that he sets himself is an important concept in which Clint Eastwood can display his abilities. The masterpieces of his later years are all from this deep and narrow concept. Clint fully knew his limits. Rather than being at a loss in the vast limitlessness and standing around idle‚ within clear limits and under a distinct mind‚ to move about freely pays for itself in work and in life. I think he understands that.