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欲望という名の電車(1951年) A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)


監督:エリア・カザン/Director: Elia Kazan
出演 ヴィヴィアン・リー、マーロン・ブランド/Starring: Vivien Leigh‚ Marlon Brando



No matter what is said‚ it is Vivien Leigh

Blanche (Vivien Leigh)‚ who has alighted at night in New Orleans‚ asks the way to her destination: “Taking the streetcar named Desire‚ then transfer at the Graveyard; I want to get to Elysian Fields”. Thinking that they were starting off with a joke at the beginning‚ the 922 Desire actually comes. A town on the outskirts. Blanche was born into an old family in southern Auriol‚ has used all her inheritance and come to depend on her younger sister and her husband. Her younger brother-in-law Stanley is a poor factory worker who lives in a cheap apartment. He openly hates Blanche.
No matter what is said about this movie‚ it is Vivien Leigh. Blanche is easy to understand if you think of her as the reversed image of Scarlett Ohara in Gone With The Wind. If Scarlett is the incarnation of a reality that stands up with clenched fists‚ her feet firm in the ground‚ before all difficulties‚ then compare Blanche; after escaping reality‚ although she entrusts her dreams to marriage‚ is dumped by the man who knows her past.
Even though Stanley is poor‚ he is full of pride for people of distinguised families‚ looking down on himself and hating pompous Blanche. He finds out about Blanche’s “crazed past”in Auriol‚ thrusts it at her and rapes her in her confusion; he breaks down her unstable mentality.
Blanche‚ who is taken away to a mental institution; her sadness and bewilderment that is performed by Vivien Leigh is heartbreaking. From here on‚ there is a scene where a young man who has come to collect money for newspapers talks to Blanche. “The long afternoon rain in this city is nice. One hour is like a drop of eternity. In confusion the time slips away. Just once‚ kiss me‚ give me a soft‚ sweet kiss.”The young man touches Blanche awkwardly.
Blanche understands that she is vain‚ and that her personality of not being able to take root in reality is that of a troublesome woman who is run by confusion. The loneliness of such a woman that has no man who accepts her deeply affects her; and so this is why people think Vivien Leigh was great to be cast in this film.
During shooting‚ Vivien Leigh’s tuberculosis had already worsened. Her physical power had declined‚ and it certainly would have been very hard work‚ but she didn’t show it. When she died six years following the film’s release‚ she was still 53 years old. She shined with both Best Female Lead wins for playing Scarlett and Blanche. She herself probably had two sides of the coin. When a great actress closes the curtains on her career‚ I think that a line by Blanche is most fitting: “The opposite of death is desire. I lived my life in search of desire.”