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ヴィーナス(2006年) Venus (2006)

監督:ロジャー・ミッチェル/Director: Roger Michell
出演 ピーター・オトウール、ジョディ・ウィチカ、ヴァネッサ・レッドグレーブ/Starring: Peter O’Toole‚ Jodie Wittaker‚ Vanessa Redgrave

北の海辺 人生の挽歌 


The north coast  Life’s elegy

Last time we were shaken by The Lake House (Il Mare)‚ so thinking that it would be good to have our feet firmly on the ground‚ I chose Venus. Rather than firmly on the ground‚ this film completely shows us a sad reality to the point that we trip over and say “It doesn’t matter”.
Maurice (Peter O’Toole)‚ with a reputation as a popular star‚ was a slightly famous man. Now in his seventies‚ the only roles he gets is that of corpses. He and his wife Valerie (Vanessa Redgrave) have long been separated. Maurice was off with other women‚ leaving his wife to raise their children by herself. He is also feeling the financial crunch. One morning he is reading the newspaper at a cafe with his actor friend Ian. They kill time and survive on the subsistence of occasional bit parts that come their way. Ian’s great-niece Jessie (Jodie Wittaker) stops by and says that she has to take care of him for a while.
Maurice finds himself attracted to Jessie when he meets her. She behaves badly‚ doesn’t talk with respect‚ makes fun of the elderly‚ is soon in the company of men‚ and doesn’t try to study or work. To gain Jessie’s interest‚ Maurice takes her shopping although he doesn’t have money and is embarrassed‚ so he diligently takes on work whether it be a dead person or whatever.
Maurice says to Jessie‚ “I have found the perfect job for you. You don’t have to do anything‚ just be still. The money is good‚ too.” Half-believing him‚ they go to an art class. The job is to be a nude model. Jessie adopts the pose of Venus lying down. Wanting to take a peek at Jessie nude‚ Maurice clings to the window‚ slips and causes a big fuss.
Even so‚ no matter how hard he tries‚ with the heartbreak of a broken promise‚ Maurice visits his wife. While spouting old complaints‚ Valerie doesn’t allow pity toward the miserable state of Maurice‚ who is withering away. Jessie gradually shows her feelings toward Maurice’s pureness. She allows Maurice to touch her skin‚ but his eroticism is now a notion of pleasure. At the dreary north coast‚ as he talks of his past to Jessie‚ Maurice dies beside her.
When O’Toole was 30 years old he was nominated for an Oscar for Lawrence of Arabia‚ and in this movie he received his eighth nomination‚ though he missed out. He was 74 years old at this time. The Lion in Winter or Man of La Mancha; for 44 years an actor who has contributed to films that could be called masterpieces‚ the Academy doesn’t know where respect should be paid.