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クイーン(2006年) The Queen (2006)


監督:スティーブン・フリアーズ/Director: Stephen Frears
出演 ヘレン・ミレン、マイケル・シーン/Starring: Helen Mirren‚ Michael Sheen



The British people love the Queen

England is an interesting country. If it was in the place of Japan‚ I wonder if a movie like this one would have been possible? The divorced princess died in an accident‚ there was a family meeting in the palace (a gathering is all that a commoner could make of it)‚ what would the Royal Family say of the former princess’s funeral? To make a detailed movie out of the dividing opinions would be unthinkable.
Moreover‚ during the film the Queen mother and Prince Philip frankly criticise the former princess who was “the people’s princess”‚ and Prince Philip appears on screen saying of the Queen’s calm response as “a bad way to handle things”.
Prime Minister Blair is also illustrated to be fairly snobbish‚ using Diana’s death as a way to increase his popularity. At first against the Queen‚ the Prime Minister and his wife take a radical attitude‚ stubborn in saying they won’t yield to the establishment. Toward the Queen who does not release a public comment of mourning about Diana’s death‚ even the prince says that she is not “reading the times”. It is only normal that the Queen follows the norm of the royal family; it is not originally a problem to fuss over‚ and the Queen’s response being indifferent or wrong is but a result that the mass media has fanned‚ as this movie it trying to show.
Giving advice to Prime Minister Blair‚ and returning from Balmoral Castle to London from her rest‚ the Queen is greeted by a wildly enthusiastic public. Where did yesterday’s threats of “abolish the Royal Family” go? Walking amidst jubilation‚ a young girl hands a ring of flowers to the Queen. “Thank you. For Diana?” to which the girl replies‚ “No‚ for you.”
What happened to Blair who opposed the Queen? His wife ridicules‚“You were completely won over by the Queen”‚ but he doesn’t let it get him down. Rather‚ he says of the Queen’s criticism‚ roaring at his subordinates‚ “I will wear the criticism for a woman who raises her heels against me and leaves. Even then‚ I’ll keep quiet and put up with it”. Being yelled at is more dumbfounding. However‚ to the people who have seen this film‚ don’t you get the feeling around this point in the film that it is well done?
In short‚ no matter what you say of the British people‚ they love their Queen. To speak ill of her is the same as asking forgiveness. There is talk that soon the prince will abdicate‚ but the government knows that the people like a Queen who switches off the lights at Buckingham Palace‚ so this rumour always comes to smoke.