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ナイト&デイ(2010年) Knight and Day (2010)

監督:ジェームズ・マンゴールド/Director: James Mangold
出演 トム・クルーズ、キャメロン・ディアス/Starring: Tom Cruise‚ Cameron Diaz



M:I 4 will be waiting at Christmas

This movie is without sin. It doesn’t have a story about this or that‚ or anything picky. Hasn’t it been ten years since Tom and Cameron co-starred in Vanilla Sky (2001)? It’s great that this movie isn’t as annoying as that one. That being said‚ in this film Tom Cruise has raised his charisma‚ becoming something like Superman. It’s probably none of my business but to be honest‚ it makes you a little worried.
In director Robert Redford’s Lions for Lambs (2007)‚ Meryl Streep was on the ropes in her role as a member of Congress‚ and in Valkyrie (2008)‚ why is it that the German army officers planning Hitler’s assassination speak English? It doesn’t matter about Tom‚ don’t spoil us. At least a dubbed version would give us something slightly “authentic”. It isn’t like Tom is having trouble keeping food on the table. He should give up on these indifferent roles. And it doesn’t matter how much he earns‚ to buy specially made Armani clothes for his two year old child will see him laughed at.
I won’t say anymore about people’s money. Let’s move to the plot: As June (Cameron Diaz) is hurrying to board a flight‚ she bumps into Roy Miller (Tom Cruise). As he is also on the same flight‚ in the plane he shoots dead the pilot and cabin crew‚ and June loses consciousness. She wakes at her house to instructions from the mysterious Roy‚ and their dramatic abduction and escape begins. Tom’s physical functioning and motorbike control is at a semi-professional level. When the two stars came to Japan‚ at the PR event Cameron said‚ “The motorbike scene was scary‚ but Tom was driving so I felt at ease”; this wasn’t necessarily flattery.
This movie however‚ as an action movie with Tom‚ is among the bottom of the past 20 years. Are we seeing that even superstar Tom is beginning to decline? Or bad scripting? Various analyses are flying. Tom auditioned for five films‚ including Salt and The Tourist. As a result‚ the parts went to Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.
Tom‚ once the symbol of youth‚ is now 48 years old. The release of Mission Impossible 4 will be waiting at Christmas this year. As a compilation of action movies‚ will he make it succeed and move on to the next step? I’m praying for its success.