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薔薇の名前(1986年) The Name of the Rose (1986)


監督:ジャン・ジャック・アノー/Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
出演 ショーン・コネリー、クリスチャン・スレーター/Starring: Sean Connery‚ Christian Slater



Feeling the skill of the director

Without a doubt this is a top-level film. The original was written by Umberto Eco and it is set in a medieval abbey in a North Italian mountain district; with this the atmosphere is truly established. As we question the kind of story that Eco’s semiotic philosopy will weave‚ a mysterious ash-coloured fog clouds our view. The story begins at an abbey in the dark mountain recesses‚ visited by monk William (Sean Connery) and his novice Adso (Christian Slater) who arrive on donkeys.
As William comes to participate in the theological Church conference being held at the abbey‚ a series of murders occurs. The first victim is an illuminator‚ followed by a second‚ then a third victim; all with black stains on their fingers. The monks in this abbey all initially have a shady past.
In the dark are monks whipping themselves and elderly men who never laugh. From every place to every person‚ it is all gothic. Beyond the heavy door‚ the trembling audience is led to the existence of a closed secret. The increasing tension shows the excellence of director Annaud’s skill. The film isn’t sluggish at all.
Sean Connery is 56 years old in this film. He is intrepid. A calm and collected monk who is an intellectual also working as a detective; Connery seems to enjoy performing this personality. When it comes to the good sense of the director‚ what do you think of the delicate revival of the costumes and props? It can be said to be the good use of “film language” that has no script. The humble and coarse feel of the material is fitting of an poor‚ cold district abbey monk‚ as is the blue silence of the manuscript room that the books show. In an era without printing technology‚ books remained as church manuscripts. The reproduction of this history is real.
William suspects that the abbey’s huge library and the unbroken scarce books are the key to solving the murders. With entry forbidden‚ what and who is in the enormous‚ octagonal labyrinthine library? The solidification of an abnormal love of books becomes the stage for the climax. We can feel the director’s skill from the set of the library’s grand wooden framework. Just then in the village‚ two defendants have been declared guilty at the inquisition‚ and a girl accused to be a witch is also about to be burnt at the stake. Adso finally discovers the hidden path that leads into the forbidden library. The fire has been set to the cross. The flames go up‚ and right there we are taken to the labyrinthine library where the conflict of the revelation is taking place. Is William okay? This really was a solid movie.