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シークレットウインドウ(2004年) Secret Window (2004)

監督 デヴィッド・コープ/Director: David Koepp
出演 ジョニー・デップ、ジョン・タトウロ/Starring: Johnny Depp‚ John Turtorro


▼「ジュラシックパーク」「ロストワールド」「パニックルーム」「インディ・ジョーンズ クリスタル・スカルの王国」など、はらはらさせるのはお手の物だったのだ。ジョニデも乗りがいい。シリアスな役どころにもかかわらず、彼の演技の特徴である「軽み」(大阪人が最高の賞賛とするセンスのよさ)を、あちこちに、例えば無言でクワッと口を開けるモートの癖を、神経の弱った男の発作のように取り入れるなど、相変わらず芸が細かい

A superb suspense film

There’s a similar film to this one. A screenwriter who had fallen into a slump gets involved in a strange incident and commits murder. If you change the playwright for a writer‚ you’ve got the same film. The Coen brothers’ Barton Fink is exactly that‚ and John Turtorro who played the lead in that film‚ strangely plays John Shooter‚ the split personality of Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) in this film.

Mort is a successful writer in a slump with writer’s block. One day‚ Shooter‚ a man from Mississippi wearing a black hat‚ insistently accuses him‚ “You’re a plagiarist. You stole my story.” In his past‚ Mort actually plagiarised something. Only his wife knows. But he becomes stressed worrying about it‚ and his wife who cannot put up with him cheats on him. They are separated. Mort catches his wife with her lover at a motel and draws a gun on him- this is the first scene.

In a quick progression of events‚ Shooter is a hallucination of Mort’s. The front and back of a coin; it is hard to become aware of this but director David Koepp raises the suspense superbly. It doesn’t go as far as David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive‚ in other words‚ to the degree that it doesn’t frustrate the audience‚ the movie moves along with scene developments that are moderately complex and profound. If you think about it‚ this director is famous for scriptwriting.

Jurassic Park‚ The Lost World: Jurassic Park‚ Panic Room‚ Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and so on; this is his forte. Johnny Depp was also keen. Despite the seriousness of the part‚ the “lightness” that is characteristic of his acting (good sense that an Osakan would rave about)‚ in different areas‚ for example; the way Mort opens his mouth without speaking‚ adopting the weak nerves of a man who has seizures and so on‚ as always his performance is detailed.

This “lightness” is also seen in Pirates of the Caribbean‚ Alice in Wonderland‚ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‚ and others. Pirates of the Caribbean was made into a film with the recommendation for children. It became an international hit and now Johnny is a billionaire. His entrance into the film world was created by Nicholas Cage. Cage was behind in debt and tax repayments‚ and seeing that he had fallen into a limitless hell‚ he had arrangements to help him and so took over his debt. ¥700‚000‚000. That’s okay.