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ブラックスワン(2011年) Black Swan (2011)

監督 ダーレン・アロノフスキー/Director: Darren Aronofsky
出演 ナタリー・ポートマン、ヴァンサン・カッセル、ミラー・キュニス/Starring: Natalie Portman‚ Vincent Cassel‚ Mila Kunis

「官能と悪の化身」 急にそう言われてもねー。


The personification of sensuality and evil But if you suddenly say that...

A good daughter‚ diligent‚ hard-working‚ moral‚ good looking and a high-achiever. Super achiever Nina (Natalie Portman) is told by the ballet coach (Vincent Cassel)‚“Your technique is perfect but you don’t show your passion. Lose yourself.” He advocates sex and sensuality but even if she tries to initiate it herself‚ well‚ what do you think? No matter how clever you are along this road‚ it isn’t something you can just learn with your head.

The final goal for a ballerina is the prima of Swan Lake‚ where the skill to perform the pure white swan and evil black swan by oneself is required. Nina is joined at the hip with her former ballerina mother and although she won the dream role‚ when it comes to the senses‚ she hasn’t blossomed. Lily‚ who has a keen eye on replacing Nina‚ really understands that point. She makes Nina take drugs‚ introduces her to men‚ and won’t teach her how to outwit her mother or do rock-n-roll things.

Under intense pressure‚ Nina begins to hallucinate and self-harm. Her mother is horrified to see her bleeding from her back and fingernails‚ saying that her illness has returned. From both of Nina’s arms to her body run a scaly pattern like that of a bird’s leg‚ and she is possessed to the point that she hallucinates black feathers covering her body. The opening night. Nina’s replacement Lily has been chosen- at least that’s what she thinks. Confused‚ she stabs Lily with a shard of glass from a broken mirror. Nina‚ who has deeply obtained a fierce “evil” dances the entire performance and receives a thunder of applause. Her mother sobs in her seat. At this point something is amiss. The shard of glass that Lily was supposedly stabbed to death with is piercing Nina. She stabbed herself. The encouraging voices of the director and staff ebb away from the consciousness of a fainted Nina.

She would have saved herself trouble if she had quit doing such hard things‚ but she just does it anyway. Matilda was such a poor girl in the film Leon. Abused by her father‚ her close brother is murdered‚ and she is taught how to kill by Leon for revenge. This was Natalie Portman at 13 years old.

17 years later; she shone in this film by winning the Oscar for Best Lead Actress. She graduated from Harvard University and has the academic ability to appear as a guest lecturer on Anti-terrorism at Columbia University. She possesses the same qualities as Nina: good looks‚ a strong academic record and high morals. She is a hard worker with a range of skills‚ appearing in Cold Mountain‚ Star Wars: Episode 3‚ and Anne Boleyn. Her pretty eyes are somewhat like Audrey Hepburn’s. It would be good if she wasn’t awaiting the same difficulties as Nina though.