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特集 ヌーヴェル・ヴァーグの女王 ジャンヌ・モロー 突然炎のごとく(1961年) Jules and Jim (1961)

監督 フランソワ・トリュフォー/Director: Francois Truffaut
出演 ジャンヌ・モロー、オスカー・ウェルナー、アンリ・セール/Starring: Jeanne Moreau‚ Oskar Werner‚ Henri Serre



A Nouvelle Vague monument

This is a monumental film when Moreau was 34 years old and Truffaut was 30. This film was made by Truffaut‚ an exceptionally sharp young man‚ who was charmed by Moreau - the actress among actresses. Something like the”breathing” of this film is conveyed to us.

There is an excellent scene in which Moreau sings. Here‚ Truffaut mostly shot this as a stand-alone scene‚ making Moreau sing word by word. Let’s take a look at the song from the film.

She was wearing rings on every finger‚
Lots of bracelets around her wrists‚
And she sang with a voice
Which beguiled me immediately.

She had opal eyes‚
Which fascinated me‚ which fascinated me.
And the oval of her pale face
Of a femme fatale who was fatal to me

We met‚ we recognized each other‚
We lost touch with each other‚ then all over again‚
We met again‚ we warmed each other up‚
Then we left each other.

On our own we went back
Into the swirl of life
One night I saw her again‚ oh my‚
It’s been ages already.

By the sound of the banjis‚ I recognized her.
This curious smile which had appealed me so.
Her so fatal voice‚ her beautiful pale face
Moved me more than ever.

I got drunk while listening to her.
Alcohol makes you forget about time.
I woke up feeling
Kisses on my burning hot forehead

We met‚ we recognized each other‚
We lost touch with each other‚ then all over again‚
We met again‚ we left each other‚
Into the swirl of life.

We went on spinning
Both entwined
Both entwined.
Then we warmed each other up.

On our own we went back
Into the swirl of life
One night I saw her again‚ oh my‚
She fell into my arms again.

When we’ve met‚
When we’ve recognized each other‚
Why lose touch then‚
Lose touch again ?

When we’ve found each other again‚
When we’ve warmed each other up‚
Why leave each other then ?

So we both went back
Into the swirl of life
We went on spinning
Both entwined
Both entwined.

(translators note: the French title is “Le tourbillon de la vie”(The life swirl).)

The story is a love triangle revolving around a girl with an archaic smile‚ Catherine (Jeanne Moreau)‚ and two young men Jules (Oskar Werner) and Jim (Henri Serre). Although marrying the attractive Catherine‚ Jules is exhausted. She is this kind of woman: “She’s a woman who’ll do anything to the end. The forces of nature bring about catastrophy. She’s the same. She’s a pure woman who lives clearly and harmoniously. She’s not beautiful‚ nor wise‚ nor faithful‚ but she’s a woman. A woman that we desire. The woman of every man’s dreams.”

First of all‚ if they were both women‚ they wouldn’t say this. These words couldn’t have been written especially if it wasn’t the young Truffaut. With Jules’ permission‚ Jules and Catherine both love each other. In the end‚ Jim is also scared by Catherine’s “do anything” personality and declares to separate from her. Catherine‚ knowing that she’ll lose Jim‚ drives a jeep into the river‚ drowning them both. After they are buried‚ we can really see that Jules feels as though a burden has been lifted from his shoulders.

When it comes to Moreau and Truffaut in the 1960s‚ any of the films would turn an uninterested person to watch. They were the Queen and favourite child of Nouvelle Vague. At the time I was a high school student and pretentiously said “It’s a good film”. I watched it again as a part of this Nouvelle Vague series. I deeply felt Moreau’s song. I’d like to say it again: This is a really‚ really good film.