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グロリア(1980年) Gloria (1980)

監督:ジョン・カサヴェテス/Director: John Cassavetes
出演 ジーナ・ローランズ/Starring: Gena Rowlands



A tough and cool new heroine

Neither young nor beautiful; the female lead in this film wouldn’t be considered attractive by most men‚ but even so she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar; a phenomenon that began in the 1970s. A trend in film‚ or in other words‚ in society‚ had begun to change. In the background of this era‚ John Cassavetes refused the studio system of Hollywood‚ and instead established an independent style‚ sticking to his auteurism. Frequently using film shot at his own house and on location‚ he was called the "father of New York films". All of the films starring his wife Gena Rowlands were highly praised; Gloria being one of them.
Gloria is the lover of the mob boss. She looks after the six year old son of her friend who lives in the same apartment. Holding the secrets of the mafia‚ he is about to be eliminated‚ and just after leaving his last request with Gloria over the phone‚ is slaughtered with his whole family by the gangsters. Pursued‚ the pair’s escape begins. The movie is shot at all locations; the cold expression of the big city’s street corners are described with dry lyricism. Gloria cannot hide the trouble of her burden. The young boy hates her like that‚ but gradually shows his trust in her as she tries to fulfil her promise.
Fleeing from place to place with a child has its limits‚ so let’s continue the story. The confrontation between Gloria and the Boss: "It seems you’ve sprayed bullets. My men are angry‚" he says without even a smile‚ approaching her for a deal. Like the portrayal of bluntness by the middle-aged woman; she is looks big on the middle of the screen. To this kind of woman‚ there is no fantasy prince or knight-in-shining-armour on a white steed. She makes her way by firing her gun. Gena Rowlands knew full well that this female lead was different to those before.
A threatening attitude‚ not a single smile or polite phrase‚ no sappy sweet face towards the child‚ no feature of maternity‚ a distrust in men. There was a female critic who commented that "Rowlands may have over-acted"‚ but to that extent it might have been just the right amount in her understanding of a "new heroine". There is one thing that is worthy of a special mention: the catchcopy of the movie. "Gloria‚ you’re amazing. Tough and cool. You’re kind" - a perfect take on the character. I’d like to commend that unknown copy writer. (translators note: this catchcopy is a translation of the Japanese on the back cover of the DVD.)