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慰めの報酬 (2008年) Quantum of Solace (2008)

監督:マーク・フォスター/Director: Mark Foster
出演 ダニエル・クレイグ、ジュディ・デンチ/Starring: Daniel Craig‚ Judy Dench

シリーズ22作目 寡黙なボンド


22nd in the series: a reticent Bond

I didn’t really think it in the film Casino Royale‚ but with this one‚ Bond (Daniel Craig) is remarkably cool. This film counts as number 22 in the series‚ and you can’t hide the strong feeling that this Bond differs from the conventional one. When it comes to 007‚ it is in the place of "story comic"‚ and both the creators and observers are satisfied with that. Of course the elements of these are well included in Quantum of Solace‚ but because of the current generational trend‚ in the simple preparation and setting‚ this doesn’t hold well with current audiences who are used to the Internet‚ computer games and 3D films and television.
Whether because of that or not‚ in this film‚ "Bond goods" like cars full of ideas and secret weapon wristwatches and fountain pens are not featured‚ Bond runs full force with his thoroughly trained muscles. There are no bedroom scenes with Bondgirls; without uttering clever lines this reticent Bond pulls off eye-opening action.
Drawing in on the man who manipulated his lover who was killed in Venice‚ in searching the background of the organisation‚ Bond traces a plot surrounding drilling rights of Bolivian natural resources‚ in which the British government and American CIA are involved. As he would expose this‚ the British and Americans try to remove him. The intelligence bureau that Bond is affiliated with are pushed to choose to either follow through with the government’s policy or protect him. M while concealing‚ dodges her superiors’ investigation‚ and at a loss with Bond disobeying orders‚ delares defiantly‚ "Who does the CIA think they are? Bond is under my command‚ I believe him."
To trigger-happy Bond‚ she requests "Don’t kill the witness‚" and is answered with "That’s the guy who tried to kill you." This time around‚ Bond really seems to treasure personal reasons. After completing his mission‚ M orders him‚ "Bond‚ come and work again" (He submitted his notice of resignation in the last film). Bond answers bluntly‚ "When did I quit?" before briskly leaving. Rather than a boss and her subordinate‚ it is more like an unmanageable son and his mother. Even so‚ it has been a long time since the Walther PPK was revived (Bond’s gun of choice)‚ a variation of the dead body "Goldfinger" that was covered in gold; this is even to the point of M’s makeup remover‚ the shortest in the series it runs at 104 minutes. It is made rich in content.